Kraus – More – Audio

The US chillwave project Kraus released the single More today.



More (available on bandcamp), paradoxically, is less than previous material. Less intrusive, less gnarled, less feathered, less textured and thereby creating a more ambient measure of flow that invites the listener to rest their head on feathered pillows and drift in to a meditative state.

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Sandtimer – Loner – Audio

The English sad-folk band Sandtimer are working towards the release of an LP.

Sandtimer - Loner


The track Loner (available on bandcamp) from the forthcoming album was released today as standalone single.

A song which meanders through the room as though a river carving an ox-bow lake with its switching rhythms affording the track a dynamic range that reflects of a tenuous grip on an ultimately doomed relationship as it parries through its final throes betwixt continuity and conclusion.

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Homage (CVG) – Moonglow – Audio

The US mellowed-hop creator Homage (CVG) is scheduled to release the LP Hacienda on the 30th of July.

Homage (CVG)

Homage (CVG)

The newest track to surface – Moonglow – which was released as a standalone single (available on bandcamp) – is an ethereal and mesmerising merge of jazz and hip-hop with what reminds of an old 78 RPM vinyl flicking dust in the background.

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Rue Snider – Don’t Lose Heart – Audio

The US protest folk creator Rue Snider revealed the track Don’t Lose Heart on the 26th.

Rue Snider - Don't Lose Heart

Rue Snider

Taken from the LP City Living due for unveiling at the launch show at the New York venue Berlin – Under A, if you happen to be in the vicinity, on the 26th of July and worth changing the diary to attend I would suggest.

Don’t Lose Heart – despite the sorrowful flow and thread of thought about a political system in the USA which seems intent on crushing the majority to grains of dust through measures which serve no purpose other than that of the joy of sadistic cruelty – the title alone – signals that through the mournful composition lays a sense that by joining together, not retreating in to silos, there is an attainable future which is for the many and not for the very few.

Whilst written with a US audience in mind – the song has a global resonance with many countries beset by similar bureaucratic over-reach.

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All Tied Up – Use A Pencil To Draw Blood – Video

The English indie-dance quartet All Tied Up released the single Use A Pencil To Draw Blood on the 24th.

All Tied Up

All Tied Up

An intriguing blend of boy-band, metal and emo are dropped in to the pot and unexpectedly All Tied Up are able to surface with tracks that do work, forming entertaining arcs of sound.

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Use a Pencil to Draw Blood – Single – All Tied Up is available on iTunes.*

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