BhadWaiz – Young Legend – Audio

The US hip-hop artist BhadWaiz revealed the latest track Young Legend yesterday.

BhadWaiz - photo by @hiphopcbus

BhadWaiz – photo by @hiphopcbus

With a more concentrated wave of sound, hence more brooding, than music previously featured in Young Legend, BhadWaiz, is still able to deliver a powerful message of the realities of loss and waste without needing to blast out the windows.

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The Foreign Films – Teardrop Town – Audio

The Canadian retro-rock project The Foreign Films released the LP The Record Collector on the 15th.

The Foreign Films

The Foreign Films

The appropriately named album (available on bandcamp) serves as something of a musical reflective of a life-story told through the ages which is revealed during the course of the thirty one tracks lasting for heading towards two hours.

The soft lens focus in the hushed analogue tones of the album provides a narrative in itself which is able to warm the listener to the tale unfolding as exuberance, passions, foreboding, joy, sadness and sagacity thread through the LP, one which can be dipped in and out of at leisure or taken as a full dining experience.

Given the breadth of the story-line a pick of the release does no more than provide a steer to The Record Collector  nonetheless – Teardrop Town – the seventh song on the LP is my selection.


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The Newds – Drawing A Line – Video

It has been a few years since the English retro-rock band The Newds last featured.

The Newds - Drawing A Line

The Newds

Their latest song to appear Drawing A Line, which came out earlier in the month, takes them in to the late ’70s rather than from their more normal sphere of influence of a decade earlier, with a tautly coiled composition that minds of a cat readying its muscles to lithely pounce.

Drawing a Line – The Newds is available on iTunes.*

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Seaholm – Black Vans – Audio

The US emo trio Seaholm released the EP I Thought It’d Be Funny on the 15th.

Seaholm - Photo by Royal Skeleton Media

Seaholm – Photo by Royal Skeleton Media

A blur of infectious skater fused jumble tumbles out of the room filling the spaces with acrobatic flips and turns in an energetic ball of sound.

The four track EP is available on bandcamp, my pick of which is the closer Black Vans.

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Psychocide – Confined – Audio

The Canada based alt-rock trio Psychocide are working on a new EP.



A mixed bag of back catalogue means that they are as yet undecided of the full set of tracks for the forthcoming EP – resultingly the latest track to surface, Confined, which was revealed less than twenty four hours ago –  may or may not make the cut.

Confined is a progressive-rock influenced song which is pierced by bubbles of indie-dance, making for an approaching four minutes thread of variegated texturing.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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