The Entire Freaking Universe – Higher Power – Audio

The US glitch-wave project of James Benchia – The Entire Freaking Universe – released the LP The Nuclear Bride on the 23rd.

The Entire Freaking Universe

The Entire Freaking Universe

A ten track, roughly one and a fifth of an hour, of dystopian phantmasgoria (available on bandcamp) which stirs even the most optimistic cheerfulness in to a conundrum of self-doubting darkness as the unrelenting pulses are interspersed with a forlorn submerged vocal as it snares the synpases with its collisions of oppressive interjection.

An LP best enjoyed while contemplating of the Hades that has become reality of life for far too many around the world.

The third track is Higher Power.

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Macchiato Funky – No Maggiore – Audio

The Italian zany-whip quartet Macchiato Funky released the LP BUGELLA 20​-​50 on the 27th.

Macchiato Funky

Macchiato Funky

The nine track album (available on bandcamp) slips through the speakers in a blurred voile of hip swaying percussion and slapped guitar that weaves its way deep inside the listener in luxuriant waves of sound carried on the wings of a mind-bending synthesis of creamy texturing that takes the audience on a roughly twenty eight minutes journey of relaxed, yet discombobulated, thought process which foils all sense of perception long after the album melts to its conclusion.

This is an album which is best heard in entirety to fully allow the mind to expand in its immersive soundscape – though serving as an introduction the middle track is No Maggiore.

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Folcene – In The Summer – Single Review

The Australian downtempo project Folcene revealed the latest tune, In The Summer, on the 23rd.



There are four songs around, each of different story-line three are dappled in warm sunlight the most recent however lays in a shadow, which, for me, affords the track a more generous texturing that enables the richness of the composition a more expressive space in which to expand and develop its theme as electronica, instrumentation and vocal to fill the room with an immersive flow of melting wax in which to lay the head and allow the music to flow in to the veins filling the body with a relaxing injection, akin to a glass of alcohol raking off the sharp edges of the day.

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Hannah Cameron – What’s It For – Audio

The Australian folk creator Hannah Cameron releases the LP I Lay Where You Lie on the 8th of June.

Hannah Cameron

Hannah Cameron

An eight track album (available on bandcamp) of mesmeric music and vocal which transports the listener, as though observing the world from an outerbody experience, in to a restful calmness from which the only sadness is to return to the reality of life.

The third song is What’s It For.


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Ocean Of Noise – Zwid – Video

The Polish dreamsequence project Ocean Of Noise last featured a couple of years ago.

Ocean Of Noise - Zwid

Ocean Of Noise

The newest track to surface, Zwid, is, if anything, of even more REM sleep counterpane as the quietly rotating music gently undulates through the room encroaching in to the mind and inviting the listener far off in to quiet repose.

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