david shouji – Memory Lane Drift – Audio

On the 28th of April the downtempo LP in half by the Swedish musician david shouji was released.

david shouji - Memory Lane Drift

david shouji

A half a dozen track album,  available on bandcamp, of instrumentation, voice and electronica that is drawn from a personal introspective, even adding recollected samples from early material, which doesn’t however leave the listener out in the cold as the ambient flow of unflustered frequencies envelopes the room in a meditative calmness extending an invitation for the audience to contemplate their own narrative.

Memory Lane Drift is the closing song.

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Τhe After Maths – How To Fix Perfection – Audio

The Greek synth-rock quintet The After Maths are planning to release the LP Hotel Hilbert in the latter half of the year.

The After Maths - How To Fix Perfection

The After Maths

With a change of guitar player since the quintet first featured back in 2014, then named @fter_mathsHotel Hilbert will be their long in gestation début album.

The first track to appear from the LP – How To Fix Perfection, which was released as a standalone single on the 1st and is available on bandcamp, has a gnarly guitar twisting around the room circulating the funky beat of bass and percussion with synth creating a trippy easement to the singular vocal.

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Yungblud – 21st Century Liability – Single Review

The English new-wave project Yungblud released the dubstep single 21st Century Liability a few hours ago.



First appearing on stage just over a year ago to a small audience in London (England) Yungblud has since taken to the stage in full venues across both sides of the Atlantic and is heading over Australia in July along with managing to find time to have released an EP and the new single 21st Century Liability.

Combining influences from dancehall, with rap and rock, whilst drawing deeply on experiences of the local environment, the music has a global resonance, so comes as no surprise they are fast gaining an international fanbase.

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21st Century Liability – Single – YUNGBLUD is available on iTunes.*

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VRSTY – Neon – Video

The US indie-dance quartet VRSTY released the single Neon on the 27th of April.



Carefully negotiating the chasm between rock and pop VRSTY are able to navigate the sharp cliff-faces and reveal music which holds both interest to those who like shiny veneer and those who prefer gouged natural wood without disappearing in to a vortex of their own making.

It will be interesting to discover how things develop for the quartet over time as the tensions between the two very disparate: natural audiences; styles of music; presentation and, most importantly, natural affinity could all so easily snap in to fragments.

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Bay Station – Baja Blues – Audio

The US americana outfit Bay Station released the LP Other Desert Cities on the 27th of April.

Bay Station

Bay Station

A ten track, roughly thirty five minutes, release (available on bandcamp) invites the listener to bring friends around and settle on a stoop with a cold beer to hand whilst passing the ebb and flow of the day in their company.

The compositions, which don’t try and do anything fancy, are evidently written and performed by musicians who know one end of an instrument from another as the tracks all have, appropriately, the ability to create the impression of dry dust seeping through the speakers and hence reference to the subject matter at hand.

The sixth track is Baja Blues.


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