Sir Robert Orange Peel – Get Outta My House! – Single Review

The English electronica project Sir Robert Orange Peel revealed a new track a few hours ago.

Sir Robert Orange Peel - Get Outta My House!

Sir Robert Orange Peel

Get Outta My House! is of very different perspective to material previously featured with the, margin over three minutes, track being a funk-dub number which rotates to a ’90s club house rhythm towards its latter stages. Perhaps it is because in England it is a bank holiday weekend accompanied by unusually warm and sunny weather that the track is devoid of the more normal acerbic lyric casting scathing commentary on the world around and rather – inviting the the listener to sashay outside to catch the early summer heat.

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Scratch Buffalo – Kill The Sky – Audio

The Canadian garage rock trio Scratch Buffalo release their eponymous LP on the 18th.

Scratch Buffalo - photo by Johanna Hung Photography

Scratch Buffalo – photo by Johanna Hung Photography

Doing everything that is essential in garage rock, the eleven track album, recorded in a couple of days, mainly live, (available on bandcamp) finds the raucous rock’n’roll is delightfully tempered by some some unexpected melodic and multi-textured tracks, the fifth Nightmare Coming being an example, nestling within others that tear away the paintwork with their brusque barbed bristles. Of most distinction is the duality of vocals, sometimes two on a track, sometimes one and on occasion harmonised which enable Scratch Buffalo to strike out their own distinct space.

By way of an introduction to an LP I do heartily recommend adding to the collection, the third track – Kill The Sky, though not my pick of the release it is one of the only two I am cleared to share with you at this stage it does set a fair signpost to the release as a whole.


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Blondstone – Liquid Sound – Video

The French rock trio Blondstone last featured four years ago, at the time of their last release – the LP Mass Solace, word has arrived of a new EP – My Dark Sweet Friend – being on its way imminently.

Blondstone - Liquid Sound


A change of line-up, with Adrien Kah being the new bassist, also discovers Blondstone with a slightly different emphasis in sound with the music making a less brooding presence in the room and discovering, as evidenced in the first track to surface from the forthcoming EP – Liquid Sound, a more classic rock derived influence driving through the speakers.

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The Horn The Hunt – Push The Stone – Audio

The English melancholic-rock duo The Horn The Hunt will be releasing the LP Firewall & Silencio later this month.

The Horn The Hunt - Push The Stone

The Horn The Hunt

The gap since their last feature three years ago is on this occasion not my poor administration rather due to the fact that since 2015 there has been a period of quiet by the duo which has only been broken in the past few days with the first of the songs from the forthcoming album, Push The Stone, making its appearance.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the texturing of the music has shifted over the years and although those of us who enjoy their creativity will be cheered by their return Push The Stone is a hauntingly beautiful downtempo return to the room.

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Feiler – Some Time – Single Review

Feiler is a relatively new US downtempo project.

Feiler - photo credit - Noel Woodford

Feiler – photo credit – Noel Woodford

Only two songs are around, the most recent Some Time, was revealed this month.

An approaching four and two thirds minutes track of stuttering soundtrack that compacts and expands inside the rippling beat, which works surprisingly well as although the drum-loops afford the impression of buffering audio it is laid against a slowly drifting electronica and glimmering strings which create a juxtaposed calmness and luxurious texturing, while the hushed vocal whispers in the ears creating a hazy shading to the composition.

The two songs together, the other being God Knows – which appeared last month and is a glistening guitar led folk derived song of more expansive and melancholic countenance, signpost of a musician with some intriguing ideas to share and I look forward to following the development of Feiler over time.


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