Hollow Engine – Crosshatched – Single Review

Hollow Engine is a maths-core quartet from the USA.

Hollow Engine

Hollow Engine

Their music, particularly in the latest track, Crosshatched resonates through the room in angular sparks of approximational theory in which each collide one in to the other generating a discordance which will either grab and retain the attention or have the listener running away with ears pleading for mercy – the fact that I am asking you to spend time in their company is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy that I do recommend spending the time to allow the brain to attempt to self-destruct.

A four and a tad over three quarters of a minutes composition which builds layers of interference into a discombobulating rotunda as the piano led chords build layer upon layer of progressions that find the synapses firing ill sequenced neurons in trajectories of their own making and long after the tune has faded in to silence the audience is left with no discernible reference point to the world around.

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† MAXIMUM TURBODRIVE † – Funny Little Hip Hop Beat – Single Review

The US darkwave project † MAXIMUM TURBODRIVE † surfaced with a new track yesterday.



The back catalogue of material is always of disturbing darkness with its rotating unrelenting loops, which, akin to a gentle looking sea holding a rip current is delivered in a calm stillness which belies the undertow of perils beneath.

Funny Little Hip Hop Beat is of similar vein with its seemingly innocuous gateway, yet by the time the song abruptly closes, the mind of the listener is left in a torment of its own panicked sense of impending foreboding and doom.

I look forward to catching more of † MAXIMUM TURBODRIVE † in short order.

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Jonathan Bree – Boombox Serenade – Video

The New Zealand nowave creator Jonathan Bree releases the LP Sleepwalking on the 8th of June.

Jonathan Bree - Sleepwalking - artwork

Jonathan Bree – Sleepwalking – artwork

A musician who always creates songs of creamy synthesised intrigue hence why a stalwart of the site since introduction in 2014 and on the basis of the songs I have heard from Sleepwalking (available on bandcamp) the full release seems set to be one to add to the collection with some urgency.

The most recent track to surface, the second of the eleven on the album is Boombox Serenade.

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Julyda – Father, Father, Do You Hear Me – Audio

The US sultry-bows duo Julyda are set to release the EP Do You Hear Me next month.



For only two players an unanticipated mixology of instrumentation: bowed; strummed and keyed along with electronica are expressed in the compositions which cast a pall across the room fed through the haunting notes from cello to which the other spotlight is of the signature vocal that, with its control and breadth of range, captures the breath of the listener in its ethereal beauty.

The track Father, Father, Do You Hear Me (available as a stand alone single on bandcamp) particularly caught my attention with its temptations of the less seemly side of life and those of longer stay will well know if a song minds of candle lit dungeons of depravity, I am keen on securing an early entrance.

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The Bright Lights – Closed On Monday – Single Review

The Bright Lights, a new wave quartet from England will be releasing their début AA side single Closed On Monday next month.

The Bright Lights

The Bright Lights

Were I able to tell you more, I would, though I could equally perhaps have awaited longer to exchange communication prior to running with a feature but decided best to get on with it than for something else to be lost in the entrails of my email inbox which sadly has a life of its own.

One song is around at the moment, by a band who have eschewed any more than means to listen to their music than the music itself, which auto scores it highly by default on my self limited radar, which longer stay readers will understand.

Reflecting of all that is wonderful about being a music reviewer, it is with some delight I am able to feature the perfectly formed Closed On Monday, an appropriately named track given that this site was off-line all of Monday this week, due to a hack – and now on Tuesday back on line – turn up the volume and revel in all that is required of rock’n’roll.

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