Band of the Month – March 2018 – Readers’ Choice

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The Readers’ Choice for Band of the month for March is…

The Holy Knives - Band Of The Month March 2018

The Holy Knives

…From the USA – the trippy-rock outfit  The Holy Knives, who at present have only one track I am able to share with you – from their forthcoming EP – To Be Me.

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Camcorder – Space – Audio

The English alt-rock trio Camcorder release the LP Suck​! on the 9th of April.

Camcorder - Suck - Cassette

Camcorder – Suck – Cassette

Having not featured their music for the best part of three years, it is to be expected there is a difference to their music and the ten track album (available on bandcamp) is of a different grounding, though unexpectedly the tracks in the LP are also quite different from one another, with some of retrospective ’90s britpop others drawn from the well of garage rock resulting in an album of some considerable intrigue.

The fifth song is Space.

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No Hot Ashes – Bad Crowd – Audio

The English indie-rock quartet No Hot Ashes released the three track single Skint Kids Disco yesterday.

No Hot Ashes

No Hot Ashes

There is a magnetic draw that slips out of the speakers on hitting play as No Hot Ashes deliver music which, despite its sneering contempt for the status quo of inequality, has a cheery disposition and invites the listener to join in with the party and leave behind the woes of the day, even if it is merely for a fleeting moment.

It is of little surprise that the quartet are fast gaining traction with their groove laden tracks and the single can’t but help increase their visibility.

The closing song is Bad Crowd.

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Scab Hand – Body Parts – Video

The English alt-rock quartet Scab Hand release the EP Sparse Anatomy on the 6th of April.

Scab Hand - photo credit - Todd McConnochie Visuals

Scab Hand – photo credit – Todd McConnochie Visuals

A four track release that takes the listener straight to thoughts of Don Van Vliet as the chaos tumbles out of the speakers filling the room with a fuzzy-blur of acid on speed and even on first play through the audience finds themselves joining in with the infectious joy of life that Scab Hand extend to one and all.

The second track is Body Parts.

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Forest Robots – Silhouettes Follow The Echoes – Audio

The US ambient electronica project of Fran DominguezForest Robots – released the LP Supermoon Moonlight Part One yesterday.

Forest Robots

Forest Robots

The ten track album (available on bandcamp) is best approached with plenty of time to hand to listen to the full heading towards three quarters of an hour of gently bubbling compositions, which work as a single body, rather than snatching glimpses.

Forest Robots creates, unexpectedly given the name of the project and the array of electronica deployed, music with has the effect of forming the almost tangible organic presence of a dappled moonlight flickering, through a canopy of breeze brushed leaves, in a quiet wood.

As an introduction and gateway to get a sense of the album,  the fifth song- Silhouettes Follow The Echoes.


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