B.W. Johnson – My Love, Pt. 1 – Audio

The English dour-folk project B.W. Johnson was introduced last year.

B.W. Johnson - My Love, Pt. 1

B.W. Johnson

Most recently to surface was the five track, approximately twenty six minutes, EP Together.

The opening song on the release (which is available on bandcamp), My Love, Pt. 1, which lasts a sliver under seven and one sixth minutes sets the scene for the ensuing material as the discordant vocal weeps in and out of tune and tempo with the acoustic guitar.

Rather than sounding like a critical error, this ischemic contusion, gives the track an earthy honesty which draws the listener closer to both the speakers and, their handkerchief to daub the eyes with the lamentation of the composition.

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Whisperhawk – Bear River – Single Review

The wistful-folk project of Michael Gross who performs as Whisperhawk released the single Bear River on the 29th of January.



A pondering composition of defiance in a country still riven by division across ever smaller cross hatching, Bear River, which is available on bandcamp, commemorates the one hundred and fifty fifth anniversary of the Bear River massacre of the Northwestern Shoshone Native American Nation on the 29th of January 1863.

A quietly laid piece which in spite of its dark countenance doesn’t hurl invective from the speakers rather a request for a world in which people can unite rather than keep fracturing in to splintered silos of self-righteousness.

To give a backdrop to the current context – on the 26th the Northwestern Shoshone Native American Nation completed the negotiations for five hundred and fifty acres of land and were able to commemorate the massacre on the 29th with a foothold in a landscape they recognised and felt able to tell their story from their perspective with a sense of confidence rather than had been the case in previous years at the memorial plaque and tourist attraction erected in 1932.

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Jon Tessier – Hold Me, Hold Me – Audio

Jon Tessier, a rocker, based in the Balearic Islands released the EP Slice Of Paradise on the 26th of January.

Jon Tessier - Hold Me, Hold Me

Jon Tessier

A five track release, which includes an acoustic cover version of Mad World, (available on bandcamp) that finds the room warming inside the slightly fuzzy compositions, akin to nestling up with a cashmere jumper just out of the airing cupboard, even as I type in what is a nippy day over here where I am in England, I have been able to turn off the heating and don a t-shirt.

The second song is Hold Me, Hold Me.

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@MaineTheGreat – Pilgrum – Audio

The US chill-hop project @MaineTheGreat released the LP Yellow Rain on the 28th of January.



An eight track album of laid-back sounds swirl around the room, capturing the attention as it swoops between RnB and EDM. Yet underlaying the almost ambient musical elements lays a vocal which tackles issues including relationships, abuse and drug-misuse.

The fifth song is Pilgrum.

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YCCMD – You Don’t – Single Review

Mihnea Craciunescu is a Romanian alt-folk creator who performs as YCCDM.



Slightly late to the party, for which I apologise, though on this occasion I wasn’t washing my hair, rather awaiting a reply of a website or social media to which I could offer, which as often is the case, can be found immediately beneath the song featured.

You Don’t, the latest track to surface, takes tincture from Romany folk which is overdubbed with celtic rock and synthesised bass loops which curl through the room coating the audience in a soundtrack that finds them snaking their hips in conjunction with the shifting patterns of sound as the keys rattle the rhythm.

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