CURS3S – Middle Of The Night – Single Review

The US triphop project CURS3S released the début single Middle Of The Night on the 29th of December.



On hitting play the hushed electronica melts in to an irresistible viscosity, akin to pieces of chocolate in a bowl atop a saucepan of warm water, with the listeners finding themselves transfixed.

As Middle Of The night – a collaboration with INFMS – floats through the room,  the song adds a gentle undulation as split vocals and building bass-loop sweep through the ears enrobing the audience in a soft blanket in which to allow the mind to drift in to relaxed temper.

Middle Of The Night is one of those rare songs in which a 12″ vinyl extended version would not be extraneous, rather a welcomed addition.


INFMSsocial media page

Middle of the Night – Single – CURS3S & INFMS is available on iTunes.*

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Comstock – These Days – Audio

The US acoustic-rock quartet Comstock released the EP These Days on the 30th of December.



The music is layered in curled-blues and southern-folk through which Comstock create songs that have a warming, slightly retrospective feel, in which the listener stretches their limbs and bathe in the soft-light.

Whilst the songs themselves are becalming on the ears, there is much going on inside the compositions as acoustic and electric guitar flow around each other with bass and drum generating the solid structure which creates the space for the vocal to deliver its bewitching presence. Additional instrumentation is deployed within individual pieces as appropriate.

My pick of the release (which is available directly from the Comstock website) being the first of the four and title – These Days.

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Buttercream 87 feat. D.Ni.L – Living Festival (He Loved It All) – Single Review

Buttercream 87 is an English synthwave creator.



The latest song to surface – Living Festival (He Loved It All) – which was revealed on the 30th of December, a collaboration with the English musician D.Ni.L, is an upbeat retro-dance track which invites the listener to disrobe their lives from the artifice of social mores in which all are expected to live the life of a template as stamped out by a bureaucrat – and enjoy moments as they arise.

The shifting electronica providing the structural architecture for a vocal which slips between baritone and countertenor that affords the song its organic temperament and finds the listener joining in, in easy dance-step.

Buttercream 87 doesn’t have a website or social media page to which I am able to direct you, nor a photographic image – hence the accompanying image of D.Ni.L.

D.Ni.Lsocial media page

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Matt Tan – Attack Of Venus Nympho – Audio

Matt Tan is a Canadian experimental-rock creator.

Matt Tan

Matt Tan

Heavily influenced by ’60s and ’70s musicians a slew of new tracks has arisen within the past few days.

From the eclectic mix of material the track Attack Of Venus Nympho caught my attention and serves as an introduction to a musician I look forward to hearing much more from during the course of the year.


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