Somasu – Late Weeks – Audio

The English sadcore-hop project Somasu released the EP Late Weeks on the 3rd.



Clouds of wistful introspective meloncholia billow through the room in the EP (available on bandcamp) which contemplate days of deep depression.

The empathetic hushed vocal holds the audience in rapt attention whilst quiet melodies circle the mind as they create the layers of textures which makes this an EP to immediately add to the collection.

My pick of the release being the title track and second of the five Late Weeks.

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Gentleman Professional – Charisma Chardonnay – Audio

The new US luxwave project Gentleman Professional released the début EP Vanilla Dreams on the 1st.

Gentleman Professional

Gentleman Professional

A four track release, available on bandcamp, which is best heard in company with a soft burgundy with lights dimmed to fully appreciate the the aromas and flavours that breeze over the senses.

My only sadness is that it is all over in less than a quarter of an hour and I am already looking forward to an as yet even thought about follow up hour and a half  LP of ambient tropicana.

The pick of the release? The second song – Charisma Chardonnay.

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Pastis – Es Muss Sein – Audio

The Finnish alt-rock quintet Pastis released their début EP Four Stories last week.

Pastis - Photo by Ashley Wolf

Pastis – Photo by Ashley Wolf

Fishing deep in to the pool of ’60s and ’70s brit-blues and merseybeat Pastis deliver music that has a warm analogue glow which palpably raises the temperature in the room. By flattening the dynamics of range in the songs they counterintuitively, for those used to a world of digital sharp definition production as being a normality, are able to create music that is wrapped in multifarious texturing in which the listener finds natural cohesion, far more expressively than multi-track compositions are ever able.

Word arrives they are preparing to launch themselves on the live circuit in and around Helsinki, if you happen to be nearby, whilst also planning a second release for later in the year.

Had they been listening to their music as the photpgraph was taken, they would have had no need for overcoats and woolly jumpers.

My selection of the EP, which is available on bandcamp, being the opener Es Muss Sein.

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Forwardman – We Are – Audio

It was back in the 2015 that the Finnish electro-rock project Forwardman last featured.

Forwardman - We Are


A nine track LP is slated for release this year and the first track from the album – We Are – was revealed on the 1st.

A quite different sound emerges from the speakers with the electronica taking front stage allowing We Are a more luxurious generosity of texturing that fills the room in expansive frequencies which, like agitating foaming bubbles, resolve in to ever changing shapes of sonic weave in to which the audience fruitlessly stretches arms to embrace.

We Are – Single – Forwardman is available on iTunes.*

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The Midnight Vein – The Awaited – Audio

The US trippy-acoustic-rock project The Midnight Vein released the eponymous and début LP on the 1st.

The Midnight Vein - eponymous cassette

The Midnight Vein – eponymous cassette

A nine track album, available on bandcamp, which varies pace through the release adding to the sense that the listener has that they are under the influence of some substance or another.

The lofidelity production adds to the atmosphere of the LP, which leaves the audience needing some little while to recover their senses on its conclusion.

My pick of the release being the second The Awaited

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