Oddnote – Reckless Movement – Audio

The US blues-rock quintet Oddnote released their début eponymous LP on the 13th.



Twisted blues guitar gnaws at the skirting-boards as the dirty chords roll through the room while a rumbling rhythm guitar ruffles the ears with a rattling bass bending the window frames and percussion driving the songs forward like a snarling school-mistress rounding up unruly children – overlaying the music is powerful growling vocal – rounding out a fourteen track album (available on bandcamp) that does require the speakers to be turned to full volume and then kicked to clear out any dust to fully enjoy.

Having said all that the LP is very much one of thirds, with the middle section of songs being more mellow, rhythm guitar led, in tone, though that does need to be taken in context, resultingly evidencing a band, which although having only formed last year are already, gelling in to a formidable unit.

My pick of the release being one of the more soft brush tracks – the eleventh – Reckless Movement.


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Vapur – Orpheus – Audio

The Australian IDM project of Joseph Nizeti – Vapur – released the EP Magnavox on the 14th.

Vapur - artwork by Brontë Hock - photo by Jack Saltmiras

Vapur – artwork by Brontë Hock – photo by Jack Saltmiras

The four track, approximately thirteen minutes, EP slides gently out of the speakers prior to building complex polyhedrons which rapidly dissolve and dissipate through the room in intricate patterns and fragile layers which degrade slowly in to silence while simultaneously the ensuing phrases undergo similar transformation.

The opening composition is Orpheus.

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Neon Insect – L.L.t.Q. (f. Leæther Strip) – Audio

The German dark-electro project Neon Insect releases the LP Glitches on the 16th of February.

Neon Insect - L.L.t.Q. (f. Leæther Strip)

Neon Insect

A slight step away from the normal fare of Neon Insect, which tends to be video game dystopian soundtrack, Glitches is an album, (available on bandcamp) created as a standalone release and overall more gothic darkness than intense compression in temperament.

The second of the eight songs L.L.t.Q. features the Danish electronic body music creator Leæther Strip with a deeply anchored bass surging through the room.

Leæther Strip

Leæther Strip

Leæther Stripsocial media page

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Salvatore Manalo – Rolling – Audio

The US RnB creator Salvatore Manalo released the EP Salvatore on the 11th.

Salvatore Manalo

Salvatore Manalo

For reasons I am unable to fathom, I do seem to be in a slip-slide mood these past few hours with yet another smooth-groove feature rather than the normal bristling styles of music that predominately features, though I guess we all need down time on occasion and the delight of music is the moment in to which it fits emotionally.

From the five track EP (available directly from Salvatore Manalo) the second song Rolling.


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Maxwell Cabana – Texas – Single Review

The US soul-groove outfit Maxwell Cabana released the single Texas on the 12th.

Maxwell Cabana - photo credit - @jacobdysinger

Maxwell Cabana – photo credit – @jacobdysinger

Texas is a tad over five minutes song of dipping hips and smooth groove that washes the room in mellow tones in which the listener becomes interwoven with the snaking guitar that flickers through the ears with a luscious layering of subtle synth forming a soft foam which balances a teetering jazz rhythm bass and drum kit while the vocal slithers in and out of focus.

Although not a song to pull out at the start of a party evening, Texas (which is available on bandcamp) is an essential for the playlist for when the mood starts to drift towards partners canoodling in quiet corners.


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