Old Smile – Changing Moods – Audio

Old Smile is the trippy-rock project of Tom Herman from the USA.

Old Smile

Old Smile

I always find myself tempted to sit down to a pot of mushroom tea after listening to the music of Old Smile, by which time it is too late, hence I pass on my experience – brew the pot before hitting play and allow the synapses to snap abstract connections through the brain.

The most recent reveal to surface being the two track single Two For Winter (which is available on bandcamp). My selection being the instrumental B side Changing Moods.

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Liar Boy – Sleeping Pills – Audio

The US dreamwave project Liar Boy released the LP Not Home earlier today.

Liar Boy - Sleeping Pills

Liar Boy

A seventeen track album (available on bandcamp) which invites the listener to relax in quiet thought.

Similar in style to the last feature with its becalming nature the noticeable difference is that individual tracks have a more multilayered texture with the elements diffusing through each other as though undertaking both bonding and incorporated sorption at one and the same time.

My pick of the release is the fifth Sleeping Pills.

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The Oi Oi’s – Holy Moly – Single Review

The Oi Oi’s is a relatively new English brit-blues trio.

The Oi Oi's

The Oi Oi’s

For those of us who haven’t been able to catch them live since their first performance in April they did recently reveal their début single.

Holy Moly rumbles through the speakers akin to a heavy steam engine pressing down on the sleepers. A bass guitar which seems to surface from underneath the floorboards cracking the pins underfoot marks out the territory of The Oi Oi’s as they challenge the sub-woofers to a duel accompanied by a drum-kit struck so hard the listener can envisage the whole set bouncing around the stage with the riffs of guitar bending through the room like a meandering river forming oxbow lakes whilst the vocal, almost incidentally, threads through the composition.

I mean to cast no aspersions towards the vocal content as without it Holy Moly would be incomplete and is an integral part of the song, however, the combinations of instrumentation and percussion is that which fully captures the attention.

It is of little surprise that the guitars are threaded to almost double their length, to enable rapid string change as I can’t image they last a full set on any occasion it would also not come as a surprise that along with the drum-kit having a surfeit of spare skins and sticks there isn’t also a plaster cast on-hand to support broken wrists.

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Fall Gruc – Papa – Single Review

The Georgian doom-rock quartet Fall Gruc revealed the song Papa on the 24th.

Fall Gruc - photo by Jako Photography

Fall Gruc – photo by Jako Photography

Papa innocuously slips out of the speakers prior to gathering itself up in to a brooding presence which casts lengthy shadows through the room during its just under five minutes duration as the electronica, guitars, percussion and vocal slowly huddle in to ever more gloomy presence which cloaks the listener in a dark cloud of oppressive melancholia.

Fall Gruc and I first exchanged email back in November of last year, which sadly have never coalesced in to cohesion of timing and I am delighted to finally be able to feature a quartet with much to add to the world of music.

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Black River Delta – Gun For You – Audio

The Swedish delta-blues trio Black River Delta will be releasing the LP VOL. II on the 9th of March next year.

Black River Delta

Black River Delta

The band name ably describes the music which is steeped in the gloopy banks of the river Mississippi mud as the puddling percussion sinks skins to the floor inside the rims laying with guitar which is so gnarled that even the roots of the Taxodium distichum will probably be contemplating in evolving to take in the physics as a template while the bassy elements invite the listener to strum the strings as they poke out of the speakers, tipped by a vocal which rasps over the ears like a Bobcats’ tongue.

The first song to surface from the album is Gun For You.

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