LuxGaze – Nostalgia – Audio

LuxGaze is a Canadian downtempo creator.



The latest track to surface Nostalgia is a melancholic compositions which drifts through the room in misty twists of echoing guitar and pulsating percussion which rather than leaving the listener in sad mood finds them absorbed by the haunting beauty of the song with, merely, a desire to luxuriate in their feeling of isolated contemplation.

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ToBy – 90’s Babies – Audio

The US hip-hop project ToBy releases the LP ToBy Season Volume 1 in January 2018.



The first track to surface from the album 90’s Babies sets a fair stall to the direction of travel in the full release – lamenting of a world in which unless the person you are sitting next to is sending you those messages they are typing on their phone they are not really interested as they would sooner catch up on others matters far more important – after all one to one personal, in person, communication isn’t real – unless – wait a minute – let’s ‘take a selfie’ of us talking to share on the phone…


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Georgee Landy – Half The *Ish – Single Review

Georgee Landy is an English beat-poet.

Georgee Landy

Georgee Landy

Recently to be released was the song Half The *Ish which ponders of the changing nature of interpersonal relationships, with many finding the shift from physical connection to flat screen connectivity is a ‘natural evolution’ whilst considering the dynamics of the ever growing impact of virtual reality and where that will fit in to the psyche.

Neither critical nor supportive of the realities of a world in which physical connections are perceived, quite often, as of less import than digital codecs – Half The *Ish extrapolates the processes of pixelation to a world in which the world itself becomes as envisaged by a tech-provider – though pointing out that humans are living breathing beings not binary coding.

Backing vocals are the voice of English singer Bex Grant.

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Georgee Landysocial media page

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Cabo Blanco – Venus – Audio

The US retro-EDM creator Cabo Blanco will be releasing the AA side single L.O.V.E. / Venus on the 11th of January next year.

Cabo Blanco - photo credit - Lindley Warren

Cabo Blanco – photo credit – Lindley Warren

L.O.V.E. is deeply rooted in 80s’ RnB dance.

My selection of the release (available on bandcamp) – Venus – minds more of ’90s chillroom club with its escalating threads and descending drops which captivate the limbs and finds the listener, without prompting, moving their body to shake with the beats.

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Half Eaten – Brain Dead – Video

The USA psychedelic quartet Half Eaten will be releasing their début LP Garbage Games on the 1st of January next year.

Half Eaten

Half Eaten

The first song to appear being – Brain Dead – that opens with spirals through the ears in mesmerising waves of stretched guitar string in which the mind is fixated long after the phrasing has moved on, to catch up with a loping Jaguar, dappled against the foliage, around the edge of a lake prior to launching on its sighted prey.

On the basis of this song alone – I am already looking forward to 2018 with a sense of enthusiasm when I will be able put fingers on the full album.

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