Sophomore – It Hurts – Audio

It was back in 2015 that the Swedish triphop project Sophomore last featured.

Sophomore - triphop


The latest track to surface – It Hurts – unfurls slowly like an emblem carried on a light breeze undulating around a pole.

The hypnotic, melting, electronica seeps in to the arterial system like an anaesthetic calmly slowing down the functions of the body and mind.

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John MOuse – Bunkbeds And Broken – Audio

The Welsh alt-rock project John MOuse will be releasing the LP Replica Figures on the 19th of February next year.

John MOuse

John MOuse

An eleven track album of dry wit which casts a scornful eye at the minutiae of the world around. The album works particularly well with its light touch production values that enable the acerbic humour to play to its best advantage with the songs having a sense that pulling on the the right thread the whole lost would tumble in to chaos – being in common with the precarious nature of societal constructs.

The fifth song is Bunkbeds And Broken.

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Lambing Season – The Memory & The Flood – Audio

The Northern Irish melancholic-rock sextet Lambing Season release the LP Quickening of the Year next year.

Lambing Season

Lambing Season

All multitude of vocal harmonies gives the first track to surface from the album – The Memory & The Flood (released as a stand alone single available on bandcamp) – a layer of texturing that spins a web of silk through the room and immediately draws a lump in the throat, with various instrumentation including piano, guitars, percussion and brass laying in the hinterland as the back drop to the aching beautiful and sorrowful lead vocal – leaving the listener wiping away tear streaks from the face.

The wistful melodies indicate of an LP to be keeping a keen eye for as to when it surfaces.

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Graz – Sunrise Highway – Audio

Graz is an acoustic-rock project from the USA.

Graz - photo by Dan Woulfin

Graz – photo by Dan Woulfin

The music has a flow which minds of settling around a log fire with the heat from the flames comfortably warming the face.

The LP Acoustic Astronaut-Galaxy Traveler Acoustic EP being the most recent collection of material. A six track album which is available on bandcamp which is well worth adding to the collection to put on the – relaxing moments playlist.

I realise that newer readers will be struck how I refer to what the musician clearly states is an EP as an album – longer stayers will know it is all to do with the number of songs on a release as to whether it will be called a single, an EP or an LP.

My pick of the six tracks on the album being the closer Sunrise Highway.

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Morning Fuzz – Fellow Creep – Single Review

The US alt-rock quartet Morning Fuzz released the single Fellow Creep earlier today.

Morning Fuzz - Fellow Creep

Morning Fuzz

Morning Fuzz last featured about eighteen months ago, that failure is totally mine, as despite regularly contacting me with new material, I managed to miss them all, so it is with some pleasure I caught their latest email within a few minutes of it arriving to be able to feature their brand new song – Fellow Creep – (which is available on bandcamp).

With quite a different sound to previous material that has been featured – with the track, which minds of ’60s rock, being marked by the open spaces which the quartet use to good effect with a gazy reverberating guitar giving the composition an elegant texturing.

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