Sea Span – New Year’s Day – Single Review

Sea Span is a US dreamwave project which first featured early last year.

Sea Span - New Year's Day

Sea Span

The latest song to surface New Year’s Day (available on bandcamp) is not a seasonal festivity rather named as such because the lyric was written on January the 1st of this year and a song of reflective introspection pondering about the opportunities at the opening of every day contemplating whether prior events will conspire against or coalesce with – on heading in to the daily realities of life.

A wistful melancholia drifts through the ears which captives the audience as the querulous optimism is equally interspersed with a pessimistic stoicism.

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Sourin – Kusaikire / 草いきれ – Audio

Sourin is the ambient-idm project of the Japanese music creator Tomoya Shiono.



Creating music which is of extended duration with many songs running to over eight minutes, the intricate development in the compositions ensures that the tracks are not filled with extraneous concepts, rather bodies of work in which the listener becomes fully absorbed.

The closing track on the recent five track EP Kakyou – 佳境 (available on bandcamp) is the seven minutes and twenty seconds of Kusaikire / 草いきれ, which is also the sprightliest on the release with a drum-kit chasing along the bass-loop and the jazz tinctured keys giving the sense of a journey through space.


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Timshel – All Is Well – Single Review

The Finland / Sweden based shadowy-indie trio Timshel released the single All Is Well on the 24th.

Timshel - photo credit - Laura Mendelin

Timshel – photo credit – Laura Mendelin

Immediately on hitting play the listener is cloaked in a soft dark-purple shroud from which they are instantly regretting the song only lasts for a mere two hundred and ninety three seconds, as, akin to falling in to an infatuation with someone at first sight, so the audience is likely to a similar state with All Is Well on first listen, such is the attraction of the beauty of the outer-skin.

Of greater arousal of persuasion is that the further one explores beneath the surface the more nuanced and evocative the composition becomes with a lyric espousing of its own obituary and a layering of instrumentation and percussion which tenderly caresses the cheek prior to teasing towards a dark stairway to an unlit cavern engorged with pulses of lust and supplication… Dare you? …I highly recommend the journey.

All Is Well – Single – Timshel is available on iTunes.*

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CEEM – I Can’t Get Enough – Single Review

CEEM is a nu-disco creator from the USA.



The audience, on hitting play, on the latest release I Can’t Get Enough, which is available on bandcamp, is immediately minded of King Catcher with its introspective coiling that only reluctantly emerges from the speakers, prior to slithering across the floor in ever greater impressive soundscape which invites the audience to accompany the fluid flow of the music.

I am always drawn, in my imagination to a hungry boa-constrictor on hearing nu-disco, as from its timidness and fragility in surfacing from the shadows develops a munificence of enticing beauty which finally resolves to satiate its needs and recedes as a stocky well fed brute, disporting, of immense strength.


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The Bowling Alley Sound – Alabama Dissonance – Single Review

The Bowling Alley Sound is an avant-garde quintet from the USA.

The Bowling Alley Sound

The Bowling Alley Sound

Today is taking the shape of one in which my inept administration is on full display as once again – this is something that has been languishing in my email inbox for well over a week.

Prior to hitting play suspend all concepts of expected song structure and allow yourself the time to empty the mind of thoughts of natural breaks as the just under nine minutes of their latest single – Alabama Dissonance (available on bandcamp), is a continuum which spins in to an axis of buffeting side impacting interventions in a composition that was inspired by travelling down a motorway in the dark of night, under a violent thunderstorm with limited visibility due the intensity of rainfall with articulated lorries hurtling past and blinding lighting and roaring claps of thunder adding to the disorientation, yet with a consistent undercurrent, representative of the motion of a car serenely progressing down the road regardless of outside unquiet.


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