Band of the Month – November 2017 – Readers’ Choice

The Readers’ Selection for the Band Of the Month is rarely one from a previous Month, November being one of those rare occasions…

The K's - photo credit - Richard Hall Photography

The K’s – photo credit – Richard Hall Photography

… The English newwave quartet The K’s, who featured in August, being the selection.

Equally as unusually I am only able to feature the same song as was the basis of the first article – Sarajevo – as there is nothing else around, though word does arrive of new material to soon surface.

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Bazooka – Ζούγκλα (Jungle) – Video

The Greek alt-rock quintet Bazooka released the EP Ζούγκλα (Jungle) on the 27th.



A four track release (available on bandcamp) of disparate narrative – one moment finding the listener hurtling through the room in frenzied dance step the next laying aside a campfire quietly tapping a tambourine, yet always engrossing as Bazooka deliver a set of songs in which the audience becomes transfixed by both the breadth of sounds and equally the intricate structures of each composition.

Necessarily, and unsurprisingly for those who are frequent readers of the site, the most energetic fusillade of sound is likely to be my pick of the release, which in this instance is the opener and title Ζούγκλα (Jungle).

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Moonwalker – Tunnel Vision – Single Review

The US indie-dance band Moonwalker released the single Tunnel Vision on the 28th.



Although only lasting for less than one hundred and sixty seconds by the time Tunnel Vision (available on bandcamp) disappears from the room the ambient temperature has already racked up to that of a warm summers day as the glowing, easy step, sounds flow through the room in combinations of inward spiraling guitar and synthetics set against a bouncing percussion which invites the listener to the dance-floor as the vocal flows between gruff throaty voice and finessed falsetto.

A song to bring out when dusk threatens to draw the heat away from the day.

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Valerio Lysander – I’m screwed – Video

It has been over three years since the England based sardonic-rock project Valerio Lysander last featured.

Valerio Lysander - I'm screwed - artwork

Valerio Lysander – I’m screwed – artwork

The latest release, a one track plus one remix single, I’m screwed (available on bandcamp) discovers a different set of brushes heading to the canvass.

Whilst the distinctive voice is immediately recognisable there is a more rancorous perspective, that snaps through the room in a track that reflects of a world receding in to silos of isolation disregarding anything other being in a fortified bunker, which lays under a warm blanket of keys, acoustic guitar and kazoo.

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Band Of The Month – November 2017 – Editors’ Choice

Thanks and acknowledgement to all musicians around the globe who put their thoughts to sound as you do make the world a better place by your very existence…

The Judex - Band Of The Month - November 2017

The Judex

…Heading towards thoughts of the band of the month for November 2017 as selected by the Editor – the focus turns to the USA and the dial spins to rock’n’roll – to discover the selection is The Judex.

From the AA side single – Cult of Judex​/​Witchface – which is available on bandcampWitchface.

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