Nala – Lost – Audio

The EP Woman by the  Swedish alt-rock quintet Nala is set for imminent arrival.

Nala - photo credit - Elin Gavelli

Nala – photo credit – Elin Gavelli

Ahead of the full release – Lost – makes for a fine introduction to their sound, which is a combination of roaring guitar riffs and psychedelic meanderings, allowing the song, which only lasts for under three and a half minutes, to fill the room with exquisite layers of texturing that is rounded by a captivating vocal.


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Victory Lap – The Afterlife – Single Review

Victory Lap is the indie-dance project of Alex Badham from Australia.

Victory Lap

Victory Lap

With considerable experience as both a musician and music video director, the début single of the solo project – The Afterlife ( which came out on the 23rd and available on bandcamp) – evidences of a songwriter and arranger who knows one end of a song from the other.

Multilayered instrumentation, synth and percussion are moulded in to exotic shapes and – rather than becoming overly complex – fold themselves around the vocal – giving the listener a sound in which they step on to the dance-floor and sway with the funky beat, or lean back and allow the dreamy washes to flush through the mind.

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Beans on Toast – Open Door Policy – Video

The English protest-folk project Beans On Toast releases the LP Cushty on the 1st of December.

Beans On Toast - Open Door Policy

Beans On Toast

A musician it is always a pleasure to return to with the insightful narrative and raw delivery.

With the normal construct of identifying the issues in poetic lyrical form with earthy vocal and quiet instrumentation and yet – having drawn a dark cloud through the room concludes with an unanticipated and abstract ray of sunshine, leaving the audience feeling better about life than prior to listening – the first of the fourteen tracks is Open Door Policy.

Cushty – Beans On Toast is available on iTunes.*

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Xylouris White – Only Love – Video

The US based Cretan-folk outfit Xylouris White release the LP Mother on the 19th of January 2018.

Xylouris White - photo and paintings credit Anna White

Xylouris White – photo and paintings credit Anna White

Their music combines tradition and modernism, to deliver energetic songs which are marked by the distinctive sound of the Cretan laouto and singular vocal which are surrounded by layers of percussion and, an electric guitar – which in the forthcoming album is played by the increasingly involved Guy Picciotto.

The second track of the nine on Mother is Only Love.

Mother – Xylouris White is available on iTunes.*

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Phoxjaw – Lottery – Single Review

The English grunge-metal quintet Phoxjaw released the single Lottery on the 23rd.



Lasting just over three minutes Lottery (available on bandcamp) is a track that requires not much more than a spiderweb dusty set of speakers tweaked to maximum valve, as, on hitting play the debris will launch in to the room in a shock-wave akin to the front wall of a tsunami looming overhead, with the audience engulfed in the bulging forces of guitars, bass and percussion which buffet the room as the subsumed synth and calming vocal cosset the eardrums.

Another one of those songs I often put your way – play it loudly or, don’t play it at all.

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