The Northern Folk – Get On – Single Review

The Australian funk-folk undecim The Northern Folk release the single Get On on the 12th.

The Northern Folk - Get On

The Northern Folk

Digging deeper in to the soul in Get OnNorthern Folk are able to deliver a song in which the listener finds themselves investigating their own eviscerated skeleton as once again the eleven players strip away all the fat, akin to vultures feasting, with the stripped back melodies within which the undecet once again demonstrate their ability to deploy players in relevant stance rather than abstract inclusion to merely make things louder whilst creating confusion, as they clear away a platform in which the brass, keys and vocals are given stance with the supporting framework of percussion and guitars framing the output of a song that fulminates of societal disconnect.

Those who are of longer stay will be minded of the Russian tredecim – Краснознаменная дивизия имени моей бабушки (Red banner division named after my grandmother),  who were also the Editors’ Choice for band of the month in May – stylistically very different though of similar innate ability and hence why it is once again a pleasure to invite you to spend another just over three and a half minutes in the company of The Northern Folk.

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Invisible Dears – If You Can – Audio

On the 24th of September the Scotland based Australian alt-folk project Invisible Dears released the eponymous EP.

Invisible Dears

Invisible Dears

Just as the listener is thinking they are settled in to the landscape of luxuriant dayglo comforters the tempo changes to a cèilidh in which to step in gleeful abandon. None more so pronounced than the opening track of the five on the EP, available on bandcamp, If You Can and necessarily why it is my pick of the release.

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Mothra Stewart – God Is A Surfer / Cosmic Coincidence – Single Review

The US trippy-rock project Mothra Stewart released the AA side single God Is A Surfer / Cosmic Coincidence towards the end of last month.

Mothra Stewart

Mothra Stewart

There is an intoxicating beauty to be gleaned from the release with its warm analogue sound through which a mesmerising vocal blends with guitar in a release which is best engaged with plenty of time to spare, not for the duration of the tracks, rather their after-effects.

God Is A Surfer is an acoustic led, almost folksy composition, which is layered in platelets of voice, which the audience can sense calmly feeding into the brain, minding of the corpuscles flowing through bloodstream.

My pick of the release is Cosmic Coincidence, which is even more resonate of Psilocybin Mushrooms.

Those of longer stay may recall Chill Russell reviewed last year, the commonality is Marc LeFebvre, who has now moved from Austin to New York, though word arrives he will be joining them on stage during their appearance at The Delancy on the 7th – for those within reach of New York and there is an LP in train of thought.

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God Is a Surfer/ Cosmic Coincidence – Single – Mothra Stewart is available on iTunes.*

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Jekyll – Mania – Single Review

It was back in 2014 that the English alt-rock quartet Jekyll last featured.

Jekyll - Mania


Their latest single Mania was released on the 28th of September.

There is a scintillating tremble which shivers down the spine on hitting play as the ghostly architecture of the song appears through a dense cloud of fog as acoustic guitars marks the entrance of a track which presses through the room in an ever darker shadow as puddled bass and percussion tumble through the ears with electronic guitar blending in to soundtrack whilst overarching the composition is a vocal, which if it were the last sound ever heard in dying breath would make for a life well rounded.

I lamented, recently, of how too many people listen to music through tinny mobile phones and Mania is a prime example of why I raised such consternation – as without a full speaker set up and sub-woofer scattering the undertow there is no possibility of appreciating the layers of textures herein.

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Mania – Single – Jekyll is available on iTunes.*

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Jason Waterfalls – Oceans – Video

The indie-dance quartet, from The Netherlands, Jason Waterfalls – released the single Oceans on the 27th of September.

Jason Waterfalls

Jason Waterfalls

Whilst Oceans is predominately a lightly textured composition Jason Waterfalls are able to fray the hemlines with inflections of scrawling rock allowing the song to hold the interest, of those of us who like their music to be a more scuffed DMs than polished slip-ons, alongside those after a more user-friendly experience.


Oceans – Single – Jason Waterfalls is available on iTunes.*

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