Band Of The Month – October 2017 – Editors’ Choice

As the year has progressed so it has become more difficult to select the Editors’ Choice for Bands of the Month

Coma Row - Band Of The Month October 2017

Coma Row

for October – based in The United Arab Emirates – Coma Row.

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The Collision – Never Gone – Audio

The English indie quintet The Collision are almost set to release their début EP.

The Collision - Never Gone

The Collision

Formed earlier in the year The Collision seep influences of US indie-dance in to their output, which enables them to deliver music of transatlantic appeal and rather than languishing in the Sargasso sea are able to deliver a soundtrack which has a winding brit-pop inside a more pristine US indie-pop that has a resonance on both sides of the ocean.

The first song to surface from the forthcoming full-length is Never Gone.

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These Blind Giants – Witch Magnet – Single Review

The English fuzzy-rock trio These Blind Giants released their début single Witch Magnet on the 27th.

These Blind Giants - Photo credit - Swift Video

These Blind Giants – Photo credit – Swift Video

Far more effectively than any cleansing earbuds Witch Magnet (available on bandcamp) clears debris from the lugholes as, akin to a rasp shaping wood, the burring guitar / bass combinations shear across the room carving deep imprint in to the plaster, whilst the percussion pulleys the force in great emphasis as, unexpectedly, the drifting vocal gives the track a smoothing finish and resultingly the audience becomes completely involved in the tidal motion of the song as the rotational yaw flows back and forth in differing tempo and direction.

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Mahadev OK – Love Dimension – Audio

Mahadev OK is an alt-rock creator from France and based in England.

Mahadev OK

Mahadev OK

There is an infectious inclusiveness in the songs created by Mahadev OK with their uplifting tempo that threads through the music, which draws deeply from the roots of the summer of love.

Predominately acoustic guitar led,  semi-acoustic and full electric do come to the fore from time to time, allowing Mahadev OK to create music with a diversity of sounds, though always able to sprinkle sunlight through the room.

By way of an introduction to a musician I look forward to hearing more of in short order.

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Marlin’s Dreaming – Floating – Audio

The New Zealand surf-gaze quartet Marlin’s Dreaming released their début LP Lizard Tears on the 27th.

Marlin's Dreaming

Marlin’s Dreaming

Shimmering echoes drift slowly through the room in – Floating – the third of the nine tracks on the album. The solid dampened bass string provides the pivot around which that hazy vocal and guitars rotate while the quiet rippling cymbals takes the listener to a shore front on overlooking a sunlight calm-sea.

Floating is reflective of the album which has a tempered jazz undertone the sense of a relaxing evening with friends at a riviera café whilst watching the world amble past.

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