Band of the Month – October 2017 – Readers’ Choice

It seems that not only is it the Editor who discovered the selection for the Band Of The Month for October being difficult to decide it was the Readers’ too…

Junior Bill - band of the month October 2017

Junior Bill

..sometimes it is possible to set the selection for forward publishing the Readers’ Choice as much as a day in advance, such is the difference – this month however – it is within the last fifteen minutes I have finally been able to identify who the Readers’ Choice is to be – as the cut off point really is 23:59 UTC on the last day of the month.

I am equally aware that there is often the question – ‘how can I vote’ – and as always the answer remains that it is not possible to ‘vote’ as the calculation is made of five different algorithms of readers activity during the course of the month, in an attempt to preclude and alleviate ‘gaming the system’, which then comes up with one number and it has been that one number which has been changing between three bands until just before 23:50 UTC today – of most import The Readers’ Choice For Band Of The Month October is …

From Wales – Junior Bill.

The live recorded LP Above Your Station, released on the 27th, is available on bandcamp.

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Yeah But No – Sand – Audio

The German dark-electro duo Yeah But No release their début eponymous LP on the 10th of November.

Yeah But No

Yeah But No

One is minded of graphene on hitting play as their music has a sense of immense tensile strength whilst simultaneously being of lithe flexibility.

The sixth of the ten tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) Sand exemplifies these physical properties, which they transpose to sound, as the dreamy vocal stretches across the room within an undulating pulsing bass which rumbles the sub-woofer from its anchoring.

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Dreamers Crime – Interstellar Nights – Video

The Australian metal quintet Dreamers Crime release the LP No Compromises on the 17th of November.

Dreamers Crime

Dreamers Crime

The latest track to surface from the album (which is available on bandcamp) Interstellar Nights, the sixth of the ten, is of different construct than most of their material.

Replacing the compact and punchy riffs and roars, is a galactic spaciousness which is riven with a multitude of layering and fragility, showcasing as it does, a more melodic side to Dreamers Crime.

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John Joseph Brill – All Eyes – Single Review

John Joseph Brill, an English brooding-alt-rock creator, released the single All Eyes on the 27th.

John Joseph Brill

John Joseph Brill

The dreamy synthesis extends an invitation to the audience on to a dimly lit dance-floor in which to sway in introspective thought. The, signature, rich baritone of John Joseph Brill affords, All Eyes, a soundtrack in which the listener wants to be cocooned as the luxurious multilayered textures drift through the room.

John Joseph Brill is about to set out on a tour, taking up most of November, with shows in England, Wales, Scotland, Germany and The Netherlands and  if there is a show within reach, would be worth taking time out of the diary.

Nov 6 – Brighton – Prince Albert
Nov 7 – Bristol – The Crofters Rights
Nov 8 – Leeds – Oporto
Nov 9 – Birmingham – Sunflower Lounge
Nov 11 – Oxford – The Cellar
Nov 12 – Cardiff – Clwb Ifor Bach (Downstairs)
Nov 13 – Nottingham – The Bodega
Nov 14 – Manchester – Soup Kitchen
Nov 16 – Glasgow – King Tuts
Nov 17 – Liverpool – Leaf
Nov 18 – Newcastle – Think Tank Underground
Nov 20 – London – The Lexington
Nov 21 – Cologne – Studio 672
Nov 22 – Hamburg – Nichtspeicher
Nov 23 – Berlin – Privatclub
Nov 24 – Amsterdam – Paradiso

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Meliorist – My Reflection – Video

The Australian mathematical-metal quintet Meliorist release the EP ii. on the 1st of December.

Meliorist - ii. - artwork

Meliorist – ii. – artwork

A phantasmagorical soundtrack envelopes the room as eviscerating death-metal conjoins with the sharp angularity of maths-rock as it darts around the listener like a snarling Crocodylus porosus sizing up its prey with which to play as the flashing jaws of steel clamp down on the limbs with a jocular tail hurtling the audience in to the air and, akin to a skilled juggler, tumbling the resultant bodies in ordered rotation, prior to tiring of the playtime and concluding with a maceration of limbs squeezing in to the gullet.

The middle of the five tracks on ii. (available on bandcamp) is My Reflection.


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