Gemini Sun – The Lines We Draw – Video

Gemini Sun is an England based indie-dream project.

Gemini Sun - The Lines We Draw - artwork

Gemini Sun – The Lines We Draw – artwork

Recently to surface was the five track EP The Lines We Draw – a spacious synth driven soundtrack that cradles the listener gently in a creamy flow of harmonies.

Not seeking to upturn any apple-carts Gemini Sun is nonetheless able to deliver music which is able to hold attention with its soft focus layering of electronica and vocal.

The title track and middle of the EP being my pick of the release.


The Lines We Draw – EP – Gemini Sun is available on iTunes.*

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White Ape – Eat More Meat – Audio

The English protest-rock quartet White Ape have always been a delight to feature over the years since first appearing on the site back in 2014.

White Ape - photo credit - Rupert Hitchcox

White Ape – photo credit – Rupert Hitchcox

Word arrives that Sotones Records – A label based in Southampton (England) are set to release the LP SOTONES10 on the 3rd of November to celebrate their 10th anniversary. I know, I know you are wondering where is this preamble leading…

…well the thirteenth track on that eighteen track album is by White Ape with a gnarling saw against egregious consumption in a track which once again displays their ability to deliver engaging music whilst wrestling with issues of societal iniquities with Eat More Meat.

It is often possible to appreciate the integrity of musical output even, though perhaps even more importantly, when the context of a song is in condemnation of ones own lifestyle and not feel in the least flustered by so doing. Music that stands on its own traction with fortitude of message always deserves space, to my mind – and as a meat eater, it is with some pleasure that once again I tempt you to the delicacy that is White Ape.

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Tomorrow Forever – Do You Feel What I Feel? – Audio

The Italian slowgaze duo Tomorrow Forever released their eponymous EP on the 22nd.

Tomorrow Forever - photo credit - Edoardo Crespi

Tomorrow Forever – photo credit – Edoardo Crespi

Welded deeply in to ’60s psychedelia the pairing are able to refresh the ideas more accommodating for the more typical goldfish like attention span of an audience of the ’10s with no track extending over five minutes, yet within that curtailed framework are able to deliver music which seeps billowing clouds of hazy expansive sound which quietly flows through the arteries to deliver in to the brain a dose of becalming dopamine and resulting lay copious layers of feel good in which the listener is invited to lay becalmed of the stresses of daily life.

Those more perspicacious of the nature of my writing over the years, where I often develop allegory through prose, through, both the wording and also in construct of the article, will have noticed, whilst the thoughts on the music are bounded by recognition that Tomorrow Forever phrase their sounds to their abbreviated habituation, the body of this review merely contains three sentences and three paragraphs, harking more of ’60s psychedelia than ’10s brevity, hence intimating that extended versions of each individual track would, in my view, not be excessive.

The second track of the EP (available on bandcamp) being Do You Feel What I Feel?.

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Shady Bliss – Hustlers – Audio

The Australian funk-rock sextet Shady Bliss are finalising details for their début LP.

Shady Bliss - photo credit - Natalie Jurrjens Photography

Shady Bliss – photo credit – Natalie Jurrjens Photography

Originally formed as a quartet, Shady Bliss, have expanded ideas whilst developing textures and layers in their music, though still retaining their bluesy root-stock that affords their material its earthy honesty.

From the forthcoming release – Hustlers – which was also released as a stand alone single on the 22nd and available on bandcamp.


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Black Fun Surgery – Plastic – Video

Black Fun Surgery is an English electro-goth duo.

Black Fun Surgery

Black Fun Surgery

Minding of the the best in electro-goth that so often emanates from Berlin (Germany) Black Fun Surgery are able to fill the room with an eroto-audio that drips candle-wax on the submissive torso and and is best heard in a warm dungeon.

After a break of over three years – marking their return is – Plastic – which is available on bandcamp, these are a duo I look forward to hearing much more of in short order and hope it isn’t until 2020 that the next track appears.

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