Malk Ft. Flimsey Lohan – Chuppa Churpp – Audio

The Australian trap duo Malk are working towards the release of an LP later in the year.

Malk Ft. Flimsey Lohan - Chuppa Churpp - artwork

Malk Ft. Flimsey Lohan – Chuppa Churpp – artwork

The latest track to surface Chuppa Churpp (available on bandcamp) is in collaboration with fellow Australian quartet Flimsey Lohan to deliver a jazz seared scathing commentary of societal inequality.

social media page Malk

social media page Flimsey Lohan

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Two Herons – Your Home – Audio

The US garage-blues duo Two Herons released the LP Makin’ Peace on the 25th.

Two Herons

Two Herons

Before hitting play cast aside any aspersions of sophistication as Two Herons deliver music to be heard with every distortion and mistiming to be magnified and a sound that brings a joy to the heart.

By alternating vocals Two Herons are able to offer distinct palettes of paintbrush in which to delightedly spend an approximately forty two minutes in their company.

The opening song is Your Home which abstractly contains a strong footing in the roots reggae of Gregory Isaacs combining with chanteuse thereby, inevitably, making it my pick of the release.

social media page

Makin’ Peace – Two Herons is available on iTunes.*

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Laryssa Birdseye – Loser – Video

The US blues-soaked creator Laryssa Birdseye releases the début LP So What on the 16th of September.

Laryssa Birdseye

Laryssa Birdseye

From the dozen track album – Loser – recently surfaced.

Today, as I write, does seem to have a theme of commonality as often occurs – this was another initial introduction from February alongside the Colombian band MidBlue – with very late response by me – which has surfaced with something new to be able to feature.

The room fills with morose heel stomping rock that despite its dour mien, rather than dwelling in self-pity, raises a light that merely because life is sour at one moment in time it doesn’t preclude a better future to arrive in short order.


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IRIDƎƧƆƎ – Carved In Stone – Audio

The English synthwave quartet IRIDƎƧƆƎ release the EP Waves on the 13th of October.



The recent reveal of Carved In Stone attests to a full release of immense beauty in which the listener is hypnotically drawn.

Combinations of tautly strung guitar are nestled against a dreamy echoing vocal and alluring synth through which a bubbling percussion threads betwixt snare and bass drum with the bass guitar tipping the song onward enabling the quartet to deliver music that has the sense of an audible depiction of the motion of a snake as muscles contract and expand leading to their dynamic weight distribution.


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Luna Blue – Nightjar – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet Luna Blue released the LP Nightjar on the 25th.

Luna Blue

Luna Blue

A six track album (available on bandcamp) that spins around the room in snazzy footstep. With the off-centre bass giving much of the material a funky hip-dipping appeal as the guitars slide up and down the fret-board providing extensive dynamic range, while the understated percussion provides cohesion and sharp tempo changes, with the vocal impressively able to pinpoint notes of higher register.

The closer and title track Nightjar, being my pick of the release with a song that is a more shadowy and brooding than presence than others on the LP.


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