ViceVersa – Soulja – Audio

The US alt-rock trio ViceVersa released the AA side single Soulja​/​Hip Hop yesterday.

ViceVersa - Soulja


Available on bandcamp, the release comprises of tracks with very different temperaments – Hip Hop being a grime cover version while Soulja – my pick of the release being a funky dirty-blues number that bleeds extended guitar riffs through the room which find the listener bending the strings on their air-guitar while knotting their finger joints in accompaniment.

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CHVRN – Tell Me – Audio

The Russian ambient-wave project CHVRN releases the the LP Drowned on the 4th.



The third of the six tracks Tell Me is a dreamy spire of trap that bounces inside itself with spectral voices drifting hazily through the room as the irregular electro rhythms settle in to the synapses leaving the audience with sense of ears popping.

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Drowned – EP – CHVRN is available on iTunes.*

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Mister Heavenly – Beat Down – Video

The US alt-rock trio Mister Heavenly release the LP Boxing The Moonlight on the 6th of October.

Mister Heavenly - Boxing The Moonlight - artwork

Mister Heavenly – Boxing The Moonlight – artwork

An eleven track, running just about forty minutes, album with a wide ranging journey. The opening song Beat Down is a piano led rock’n’roll number than finds the listener stomping feet along with the retro-feel beat.


Boxing the Moonlight – Mister Heavenly is available on iTunes.*

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The Jim Mitchells – Ankle Deep – Audio

The Jim Mitchells is a trippy-rock quintet from Australia.

The Jim Mitchells

The Jim Mitchells

The best way to approach the latest reveal – Ankle Deep – is supine with plenty of time to hand as long after the music fades away you will be disinclined to move.

Wandering vocal opens the just over two and a half minutes track prior to the sleep inducing guitar that hoves in to earshot and by the end of the second bar the listener finds themselves hypnotised in to a state of transfixed immobilisation.

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