Boobs of DOOM – tHE wOLF yOU fEED (diarchy) – Audio

The Scottish dystopian-electronica duo Boobs of DOOM release the LP eXXpre​$​$​ion. on the 11th of August.

Boobs of DOOM

Boobs of DOOM

The glitchy distortions of their compositions give the music a foreboding vision of the future through which a deep bass-line grinds as though destroying everything in its path while sparking arcs of electronics shatter leaving a sense of wanton destruction and industrial wasteland in their trail.

From the forthcoming album (available on bandcamp) the antepenultimate of the nine – tHE wOLF yOU fEED (diarchy).

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Molly Kruse – Ruby – Video

On the 24th the US country-rock project Molly Kruse released the single Ruby.

Molly Kruse

Molly Kruse

A rolling rhythm finds the listener trotting with their horse across a dusty plain with tumbleweed scattering around.

Not pretending to be what it isn’t Molly Kruse offers, in Ruby, an exceptionally well executed track in a genre unless you are of the USA you may normally by-pass. I merely ask you to mount the stirrups and feel the warm leather saddle as the music lopes through the room.


Ruby – Single – Molly Kruse is available on iTunes.*

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Swedish Death Candy – Oh My – Single Review

The England based quartet Swedish Death Candy is a psychedelic band.

Swedish Death Candy

Swedish Death Candy

Early this month I received notification and it has taken me until the third reminder to get to it, my apologies for the tardy delay to you most of all, though when you hit play for their latest reveal Oh My, you may more fully understand why and how it has taken me so long to write these few words.

The dreamy spirals of sound refract through kaleidoscopes of analogue synth and reverberating guitar whilst vocal delay leaves itself hanging in the ether only for the brusque percussion to corral the passages away, akin to sweeping up dry leaves, which subsequently drift in a thermal of their own making whilst the busy bass-line stomps upon lingering elements… is that a purple dragon I see on the ceiling?


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Blind Beggar – Say It Like You Mean It – Single Review

The Welsh melancholic-rock band Blind Beggar recently revealed their latest track.

Blind Beggar - Say It Like You Mean It

Blind Beggar – Say It Like You Mean It

Regularly featured over the past year Say It Like You Mean It marks their first full studio recording.

It would be doing a disservice not to remark and give credit to Blind Beggar for their approach – as when stepping in to the Studio rather than reaching for every bell and whistle they could cram in to the track – Say It Like You Mean It is arguably their most stripped back song allowing the drifting sadness to wrest fluid from the tear ducts through the strength of its own writing structure, with the deep layering and emotional pull driven through the simple richness of all the elements.

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Post Lovers – Going Anyway – Video

The Greek retro-surf project centred around Eleni KarageorgouPost Lovers – releases the AA side single Melbourne / Going Anyway on the 1st of August.

Post Lovers

Post Lovers

Those of longer stay would be right to tie up the idea of a double A side single by a musical act from Greece being release on the 1st of the month with the monthly 2017 celebration releases by Inner Ear Records to mark their tenth anniversary as part of the A Distant Victory Singles Club series.

Available via bandcamp – Going Anyway can’t do anything than make the world seem a better place for its existence.

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