SLEEP.RADIO – In The Flowers – Audio

SLEEP.RADIO is a relatively new English lofi-dream duo.



Despite them being a new musical project, I am still late to it, as this has been hanging around in my email inbox since early last month, apologies to everyone.

There are seven tracks around – which came out last month as the LP Everything Isn’t (available on bandcamp) – an album in which the duo showcase their versatility and range of influences, yet, are able to do so in a way that doesn’t make the listener feel that they have stumbled upon a random selection of songs.

The hum of low fidelity cocoons the listener in warming silky threads as SLEEP.RADIO deliver music of dexterity and ability with variations in vocalist along with a spread of instrumentation in which to lay back and allow to wash through the room for approximately twenty seven minutes with a soundtrack ranging from sleepy spires to rocking garage with much in between.

Inevitably my selection from the LP – the middle song – In The Flowers is the most urgent composition and not in the least dreamy.

Word also arrives of a follow-up release due for later in the year, which I look forward to hearing.

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The Delicates – Too Young – Audio

The Delicates is an Australian trippy-rock band.

The Delicates

The Delicates

Buried deep within the sound is a synth which gives their music its seamless dreamy flow as glittering guitars sparkle through the room in showers of hallucinogenic retrospective. Bass and percussion add the weight to the music while the shaded vocal seems to appear from far away, adding to the trippy feeling.

By way of an introduction – the opening track of the six on their eponymous LP (available on bandcamp) Too Young.

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Ratnang Singh – Falling From The Skies – Audio

Ratnang Singh is an Indian alt-folk creator.

Ratnang Singh

Ratnang Singh

Armed with a desire to create music and an impressive voice Ratnang Singh, who is heavily influenced by US southern folk, delivers songs which are doleful in countenance while possessing an intrinsic beauty in which the listener finds themselves spellbound.

The latest track to surface – Falling From The Skies echoes through the room in harmonic dreamy spires from which the audience can find solace.

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Whispering Jackie – Breaking Up This Time – Single Review

The Australian new wave trio Whispering Jackie released the single Breaking Up This Time – yesterday.

Whispering Jackie

Whispering Jackie

Breaking Up This Time is slung in to the room on the back of a bulging bass line that tests the speakers before unfurling in to a song that has the listener threshing around in delight crashing in to any obstacles in the way, so unless you want to damage your shins, probably best to clear some space before hitting play.

The trio are able to fire the track with plenty of impetus, yet still find space to expand guitar, even finding room for a bridge that doesn’t break the flow with the percussion consistently hammering along the pace while lyrics, which reflects on relationship breakdown are delivered in a manner that brings joy to the heart, with the expressive voice ranging across octaves with pinpoint accuracy while simultaneously varying pace giving the roughly three and a half minutes of Breaking Up This Time considerable variation, that bass – oh, that bass…

…word arrives that Whispering Jackie are in the process of putting together an EP – by when I hope my shins will be in better shape.

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Glass Horses – Red Dawn – Video

The English dark-gaze quartet Glass Horses were introduced at the tail end of last year.

Glass Horses - Red Dawn

Glass Horses

From time to time I discover myself drawn in to a thread of commonality and akin to the article yesterday about Deaf ChonkyRed Dawn is also a live recording, of a song not yet revealed in anything other than live format – again not of the highest quality yet divining completely the essence of the music as the creators deliver a song in the vein it was written rather than as someone else defined in a Studio.

Though I really shouldn’t let my cynicism run away with itself too far as the live audience experience relies to a great extent on ability of the sound technician at a venue along with for those of us listening to a recording of the live event – unless recorded straight from the mixer – in the quality of recording device used.

Leaving all that to one side I am led to believe that Glass Horses are still in the process of finalising details for their début EP and Red Dawn is anticipated to be on the release.

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