Band of the Month – July 2017 – Readers’ Choice

With thanks once again to you for taking time out of your day as without you this would be merely a monologue. The Readers’ Choice for Band Of The Month for July…

The Moon Apes - Band Of The Month July 2017

The Moon Apes

Based in England – The Moon Apes.

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Nobody Kid – Your Empire – Audio

Nobody Kid is a retro-synth project from the USA.

Nobody Kid

Nobody Kid

One immediately, on hitting play, finds oneself slinking back to the ’80s with the soundtrack.

A dozen track LP Off The Screen (available on bandcamp) was released earlier this month – which takes the listener of a journey through A Flock Of Seagulls via Human League to Ulravox without ever once sounding like a pastiche.

The opening song is Your Empire.


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Adwaith – Lipstick Coch – Audio

The Welsh alt-rock trio Adwaith are due to release an LP imminently.



In advance of the album a AA side single is due for release on the 25th of August.

Singing in both Welsh and English Adwaith transpose experiences of daily life facing both overt and and casual sexism with powerful rebuttal through their quietly laid compositions, which don’t seek to drive division, rather recognition of cohesion, laid to melodic laid-back tracks which weave their way in to the audience like an intravenous injection.

By way of an introduction Lipstick Coch.

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March Division – Pale Noon – Video

The Italian electro-rock trio March Division are finalising details of an EP due for release later in the year.

March Division - Pale Noon

March Division

It has been a couple of years since March Division last featured, which is the reality of the fact that they have been burrowed away contemplating of new ideas and a different sound, rather than my own omissions.

From the forthcoming EP Pale Noon discovers the trio in darker countenance than material previously featured as the sultry layering of the track fills the ears with a beat to enjoy on a submerged club dance-floor with purple hued strobes, briefly alighting on others perspiring torsos, throbbing through the room.

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Band Of The Month – July 2017 – Editors’ Choice

The short-list for the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month for July 2017 was extensive…

The Fill Ins - Band Of The Month July 2017

The Fill Ins

…from the USA – The Fill Ins.

The Time Is Now is available on bandcamp.

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