Liar Boy – Within Me – Audio

The US dreamy-lofi project Liar Boy released the LP Firestarter today.

Liar Boy

Liar Boy

Regularly dropping thoughts to music Firestarter is the fifth album to appear in just over a year. A twenty seven track, roughly an hour long, release (available on bandcamp) that quietly drifts through the room in combinations of gauzed guitar, electronics and filtered vocal which is best heard in quiet repose within a flotation tank.

Tracks typically last only a couple of minutes yet seem to melt one in to the other affording a sense of continual flow of a stream of consciousness in which to the listener and music becomes as one.

My selection from the album being the the fifth – Within Me.

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The Fleas – Solstice Sky – Single Review

The Fleas is an alt-rock quintet from England.

The Fleas

The Fleas

Taking a listen through their back catalogue, The Fleas normally deliver music of fairly pacey temper, with a sense of classic rock’n’roll winding through the threads of sound. Making their latest track Solstice Sky something of a surprise – one to enjoy too – as they wander away from their more normal fare with a leisurely measured jazz and ’60s brit-blues rooted number in which they allow themselves to explore some new ideas.

The listener finds themselves caught with reminders of Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen sitting astride The Troggs whilst reminiscing of warm evenings around a beach bonfire.


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Hopeless Kids – R.I.P – Audio

Hopeless Kids is a French haze-rock duo.

Hopeless Kids

Hopeless Kids

The slightly retrospective sounds of psychedelia melt inside lofi production as the vocal which seeps through voile drifts through the room resulting in an achingly attractive sound that captures the listeners attention with its fragile wisps of lace.

The latest track to surface being R.I.P. .

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Shane Tully – Freak To Me – Audio

The US gaze-folk creator Shane Tully is planning on releasing the LP Phantom Followed in the latter half of this year.

Shane Tully - Photo Credit - Zeno Pittarelli

Shane Tully – Photo Credit – Zeno Pittarelli

For those who know Shane’s music, the newest track from the forthcoming album – Freak Me (which available as a stand alone single on bandcamp) will come as a surprise as unlike previous material there is a fuller production and more overarching architecture.

Freak Me unifies the open frame-work of acoustic folk showering it with a gauze filtration giving an echoing delay that adds a depth of layering that affords the song a thread that minds of swimming against a slowly turning tide with the sense of a gently rising and ebbing flow in to which to pleasurably rotate in the soft current.

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Darth Nater – The Insect Song – Audio

The US lofi-folk creator Darth Nater released the LP People Are Animals on the 24th.

Darth Nater - Photo credit - Nicole Cooke

Darth Nater – Photo credit – Nicole Cooke

An allegoric ten track album (available on bandcamp) which narrates of various homo sapiens personality traits described by wry observation of various species and phylum of other animalia, resulting in a just around thirty eight minutes reveal that has the audience threading though expressions of smiling, snarling, despondency, frowning and more with the cleverly constructed narrative that plays through the room.

My pick of the release is the fourth – The Insect Song.


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