Mt. Wolf – Bohemia – Audio

The English ethereal-wave trio Mt. Wolf released their début LP Aetherlight on the 25th of May.

Mt. Wolf - Bohemia

Mt. Wolf

Having steadily built up their live audience which they have supported with various EPs and singles over the years Mt. Wolf felt now was the time to release a fuller collection of songs, resulting in the bakers dozen track release of Aetherlight. An absorbing just over an hour of music which would not sound out of place as the soundtrack on a never ending journey in to the furthest reaches of the universe as the tempered, yet equally soaring, songs mesmerise in their celestial chorale.

The fifth composition is Bohemia.

Aetherlight is available on Amazon.*

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The Cosmic Coronas – Desperation Blues – Audio

The US blues-rock sextet The Cosmic Coronas released the EP The Grove on the 30th of May.

The Cosmic Coronas

The Cosmic Coronas

The compositions are centred around a powerful vocal which is able to take the spotlight without drowning out the complex interweaving of acoustic and electric guitars, sultry bass and framing percussion enabling the audience to discover more layering through each play of individual songs.

The Grove is a five track release (available on bandcamp) which takes the listener through tracks of heart-wrenching soul, rock-ballads and more – including dirty-blues and it is perhaps inevitable that my pick of the release would be the most gravelly – the second – Desperation Blues.


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Tablefox – Beautiful Morning – Audio

The New Zealand alt-rock trio Tablefox released the EP Glass Houses on the 25th of May.

Tablefox - Beautiful Morning

Tablefox – Beautiful Morning

A band featured since 2015 who are always able to send an envelope containing familiar, yet different, soundscape each time they proffer new material.

The five tracks on Glass Houses (available on bandcamp) being an example, whereby one track reaches back to last year and a title track that stretches to new chapters as an instrumental number. My selection from the release being the closer – Beautiful Morning.

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Sea Of Lettuce – Wojriff – Audio

The Canadian submarine-rock duo Sea Of Lettuce released the two track single – Singles – on the 28th of May.

Sea Of Lettuce

Sea Of Lettuce

Their music is always of submerged perspective as the listener is entertained by the truncated soundwaves of listening to music whilst underwater.

The first of the two tracks on Singles (available on bandcamp) Wojriff minds of looking upwards and watching sunlight refracting through the rippling surface water.

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