Band of the Month – June 2017 – Readers’ Choice

The final post for the end of the first half of 2017 is appropriately one of your selection – The Readers’ Choice For Band Of The Month For June.

Approaching Black & White - Band Of The Month June 2017

Approaching Black & White

From the USA – Approaching Black & White.

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Terminal Gods – Interplay – Audio

The English dystopian-rock band Terminal Gods release the LP Meridian on the 25th of August.

Terminal Gods - Interplay

Terminal Gods

The overbearing shadow of Interplay – the penultimate of the eight tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) broods over the listener akin to the control of the Vril-ya in The Coming Race by Bulwer-Lytton.

Regular readers will know I do have a predilection to the dark and oppressive so will be expecting I couldn’t pass this by without a recommendation to dim the lights and turn up the volume, for those new to the site – if this doesn’t rattle your bones – then Emerging Indie Bands is not necessarily where you will discover your daily fare of music to make the day better.

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The Desert – Just Get High – Single Review

The English sultry-wave duo The Desert released their début single Just Get High on the 28th.

The Desert

The Desert

The unity of dreamy electronics, filtered guitar and tender vocal finds Just Get High injecting in to the blood stream and the listener can feel the warmth flow in to their brains taking over the synapses and the mind drifts in to quiet repose.

Although newly formed, the effortless ease by which the song evolves through its phrases attests, both, Gina Leonard and Tom Fryer are experienced songwriters and performers and it is with some delight that Just Get High serves merely as the hors d’œuvre to the EP – Playing Dead – which is due out imminently.

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Suspirians – Nocturne – Audio

Suspirians is a US garage-psychedelia trio.



Hazy flows of winding guitar steadily streams through the room in their latest LP Ti Bon Ange, which was released this month, (available digitally on bandcamp directly from themselves or as a limited edition cassette also on bandcamp through the Russian label Pomogite Community) with the audience creating their own kaleidoscopic visual imagination.

Suspirians however, do not send the mind in to an extended acid trip as the garagey distortion leaves the music with an enthralling rawness as the pulsing bass and active drum-kit combine with a veiled vocal and the listener is left wanting even more than the approximately forty minutes, six tracks (digital) or seven tracks with a thirty six second bonus track (Cassette), has in store.

As this is an album best heard in its entirety, less a ‘pick of a the album’ rather an indicator of the sound, the second track – Nocturne.

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Kosmogyr – Quiescent – Single Review

The Czech Republic / China based black-metal duo Kosmogyr released their début single on the 25th.



Quiescent (available on bandcamp) is a cement liquefying just over six minutes of roaring menace. Opening with quiet harmony the listener is lulled in to a sense of security, until suddenly, like a car suffering from turbo lag a pulverising roar hurtles in to the room careening in a menacing furious pace. As the ears become accustomed, so, the slowly paced guitar melodic structure emerges from the throbbing tumult giving the sense of running at two distinct speeds and marks the track for its ability to deliver the unexpected whilst the distorted vocal provides these two elements in Quiescent their cohesive quality.

News also arrives of an LP due for release later in the year.

Those of longer stay will perhaps recall a Czech Republic and China tie up, based in Shanghai in the form of Death To PoniesIvan Belcic is the common thread.

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