Mythical Motors – Red And Yellow September – Audio

The US retro-rock quartet Mythical Motors released the LP Running The Shine on the 27th.

Mythical Motors

Mythical Motors

A sixteen track album (available on bandcamp) which has a ’60s garage flavour to it as the short tracks, only one running over three minutes, eases its way through the ears. There is a warming undertow of analogue hiss, leaving the listener relaxed in their company.

My selection from the album is the closer – Red And Yellow September.

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Ace Elementary – Do The Mutant – Single Review

Ace Elementary is a Scottish alt-rock quartet.

Ace Elementary

Ace Elementary

Relatively newly out of the blocks, given the handful of available tracks to hear Ace Elementary are a quartet to get to know before having to queue to get to see, as they are already establishing a solid live performance schedule.

Do The Mutant (available on bandcamp) is one of a couple of tracks that came out recently, which is a fair representation of their sound combining a buzzy garage guitar with the second six stringer levelling out the sound with melodic inter-play as the cleanly hit skins bounce around the room and a throbbing bass rolls through the bone structure all rolled out by delayed and echoey vocal.

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Foxholes – 34 – Audio

The US melancholic-rock quintet Foxholes released their eponymous LP on the 26th.



Solidly scored and equally deftly delivered tracks mark the sound of Foxholes who create music in which the listener has a feeling of confidence in as the well structured and layered songs float around the room.

The compositions thread the multiple guitars through each other in intricate patterns which enables them to provide both the grounding and expansiveness with percussion chivying along the pace as bass compacts loose ends whilst vocal is able to confidently lead the way.

The ten track album (available on bandcamp) is a well formulated collections of songs, my pick of which is the 5th – 34.


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Tainted Lady – Song of Reckoning – Video

The Denmark based heavy-metal quintet Tainted Lady released their début LP How The Mighty Have Fallen on the 26th.

Tainted Lady - photo credit - Peter Langwithz Smith

Tainted Lady – photo credit – Peter Langwithz Smith

Rummage for that faded leather jacket, select your preferred air-guitar, strike your pose and then hit play.

The fourth of the ten tracks Song Of Reckoning hammers out of the speakers like a cork firing out of a warm and shaken bottle of champagne as the bubbles sprays all around, prior to settling down to an impressive display of power melody.


How The Mighty Have Fallen [VINYL] is available on Amazon.*

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Walking Rumor – Dedicate To This – Video

The Danish nu-metal quintet Walking Rumor released their latest single recently.

Walking Rumor - Dedicate To This - artwork

Walking Rumor – Dedicate To This – artwork

Dedicate To This encapsulates the frustrations felt by so many around the world that their needs are not being served and their voice is not being heard.

There is no need to add anymore – the lyric video explains everything.

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