Band of the Month – May 2017 – Readers’ Choice

My thanks to you as a reader of the site as you are the one makes this more than monologue. The band of the month for May – Readers’ Choice is…

Ghost State - Band of the month May 2017

Ghost State

… The USA band Ghost State.

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Oh/Villain – Preacher – Video

The Australian melodic-metal quintet Oh/Villain release the LP Pilot on the 30th of June.



Combining explosive thrusts with melodic mellow moments Oh/Villain deliver music that displays an adroit ability to balance power with context resulting in songs that take the listener on unanticipated journeys.

From the seven track album Preacher is the third.

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Pilot – Oh/Villain is available on iTunes.*

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Kacie Thomas – Goodbye (Part 1) – Single Review

Kacie Thomas is a US ghost-wave creator.

Kacie Thomas

Kacie Thomas

Having recently decided to pursue, what has always been a passion, musicianship after a different earlier career path Kacie Thomas only has a few songs around, each cloaked in sweeping brushed vocal.

I am a little late to this, my apologies, Goodbye (Part 1) was sent to me a few weeks ago. The combinations of the mournful piano shrouded by a synthesised vocal which is shadowed in echoing elongation gives the song an ethereal other-worldliness. Extending to just over four minutes the track, despite its spaciousness doesn’t feel greedy of time, with the listener becoming immersed in the soundtrack.

It will be interesting to hear where Kacie Thomas heads next as the songs thus far revealed are all based around the same theme.

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Christian Gibson – A Castle For Wolves – Audio

The US ambient creator Christian Gibson releases his début LP Cloud Forms tomorrow.

Christian Gibson

Christian Gibson

A dozen track album (available on bandcamp) that drifts through the room in atmospheric layering.

A variety of themes are explored in the dreamy collection of songs, with each having its own distinctive sense of being as a diversity of instrumentation, electronica and percussion melt one in to the other. My selection being the fourth – A Castle For Wolves.

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Love X Stereo – Maybe I – Video

Recently relocated to England from South Korea the electrowave outfit Love X Stereo are currently working towards the release of the LP – 37.

Love X Stereo - Maybe I

Love X Stereo

Most recently to surface is Maybe I – from the forthcoming release – a song steeped in a sorrowful template that seeps through the bone-marrow of the audience with its softly brushed furnishings.

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