Spyke, The Boy – New – Audio

The Brazilian experimental-electronica creator Vicente Saraiva who performs under the name Spyke, The Boy released the LP TILASIM on the 29th of March.

Spyke, The Boy

Spyke, The Boy

It is when you meet musical suggestions such as this that it will remind you why you read the site with a sense of anticipation or remind you why you often find it far more obscure than you recall last time visited.

The sixth track of the seven on TILASIMNew – is a just over six and three quarter minutes of isolated pulse that skips through the ears akin to the visual display of an ICU monitor as it traces arrhythmia.

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The Age Of Colored Lizards – Stars Are Falling – Audio

The Norwegian shoegaze outfit The Age Of Colored Lizards released the EP Another Day on the 29th of March.

The Age Of Colored Lizards

The Age Of Colored Lizards

Allow yourself plenty of time to recover after hitting play as, although the four track release (available on bandcamp) last for only roughly a quarter of an hour, its hypnotic blurriness keeps brain in neutral for far longer.

Akin to watching clouds slowly drift on a summers day the gauzed reverberating guitars and voices are in a continual, yet gradual, reforming of shapes and layers as The Age Of Colored Lizards hold back the ticking of the clock.

My selection from Another Day is the closer – Stars Are Falling.

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Gretchen’s Wheel – Blank Slate – Video

Gretchen’s Wheel is a US alt-rock project.

Gretchen's Wheel - Sad Scientist - artwork

Gretchen’s Wheel – Sad Scientist – artwork

Last month the LP Sad Scientist (available on bandcamp) was released. From the album – Blank Slate – the fourth of the ten songs is the combinations of melody and rock ‘n’ roll which is synonymous with the music created by Lindsay Murray in the guise of Gretchen’s Wheel.

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Dave Mooney – Cardinals – Single Review

Dave Mooney is an alt-folk creator from the USA.

Dave Mooney

Dave Mooney

Regularly working in collaboration with others, the music winds its way from blues infusion through to funkadelia.

The most recent song to surface Cardinals, available on bandcamp, was released alongside Renee Maskin and Owen Flanagan in a sublime alternation of voices which glides through the room in unhurried fashion, laying a thick pile of soft carpeting beneath the listeners feet in to which the audience just want to sink their toes more deeply.

It is rare that chanson from outside France can be as evocative as its natural homeland: Cardinals, however, is distinctly compelling as the compositions Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg conjoured.


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Carter – BFFN – Audio

The Surinamese downtempo project Carter released the EP Tranga late last month.



A five track EP, Tranga (available on bandcamp), is a roughly nineteen minutes release that slowly unfurls its contemplative of self-doubt through the room, leaving the listener wreathed in silken threads of querying-thoughts.

By way of an introduction – the middle song – BFFN.

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