New Jackson – Anya’s Piano – Video

The Irish downtempo producer New Jackson releases the LP From Night To Night on the 12th Of May.

New Jackson - Photo credit - Dorje de Burgh

New Jackson – Photo credit – Dorje de Burgh

Originally released as the title of a three track Single earlier this month and will be the eighth of the eleven on From Night To Night, which is coming out on the 12th of May (both available on bandcamp) – Anya’s Piano is a downtempo number with a ghostly feel that haunts the mind after the notes have faded away.

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Ghost State – Seven Sins – Single Review

The US alt-rock quartet Ghost State revealed their latest track within the past few minutes.

Ghost State

Ghost State

Seven Sins is set for general release on the 2nd of May and forms part of a collection of new material coming up in short order. The smidgen over two and a half minute track is best played – after you have stood up, cleared space around you and turned up the volume prior to hitting play.

It is not a possibility that the listener will not be delighted to hear a Wurlitzer in overdrive as the analogue rock’n’roll launches across the room to embrace the audience in warm embrace with an entrancing combination of ideas which is all held together by Tyler Jossart on drums who is simultaneously is able to deliver drum-roll snare whilst bashing the bass drum in off beat, giving the resultant output a juxtaposition in which the jiving crowd merely drips perspiration.  There is more than keys and drums to the band and each element does play an integral part, though as longer term readers will be well aware polyrhythmic ska beats to which can I can turn up the volume and stomp in daylglo blue brothel creepers is likely to be my main consideration.

Ghost State do have a set of contrasting ideas coming up in due course and it will be interesting to discover in which direction they decide to travel, though personally, I wouldn’t mind more in the vein of Seven Sins. However, what do I know about much at all, other having a good time?


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Snails – My Fault – Audio

The English retro-rock band Snails released the EP Starting With Mine on the 24th.

Snails - Photo Credit - Mark Sewell

Snails – Photo Credit – Mark Sewell

Unifying folk and 60’s beat allows Snails to deliver a warm coating to the sounds that leaves the audience smiling as the whimsical compositions make there presence felt. The four track release (available on bandcamp) has a lightness of touch to it that creates the cohesive relationship between listener and band whilst underpinned by skilled song writing and delivery which enables them to keep the mind fully engaged.

By way of an introduction to a band well worth spending time to get to know the closer on Starting With MineMy Fault.

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To Kill A King – The Good Old Days – Audio

With an LP due for release on the 23rd of June the English alt-rock band To Kill A King revealed the latest track within the past twenty hours.

To Kill A King - Photo by Wolf James Photography

To Kill A King – Photo by Wolf James Photography

The Good Old Days is a song that is marked by their signature ethereal soundtrack through keys which are allowed to hang floating in the air, whilst muffled percussion drifts through the room as instrumentation creates the shifting soundscape through which the distinctive vocal is able to surround the listener with the engaging delivery and rounding out, once again, an extremely well balanced and composed track.

The Good Old Days – Single – To Kill A King is available on iTunes.*

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Illegal Operation – Down – Audio

The Greek delta blues quintet Illegal Operation release the LP Down on the 5th of May.

Illegal Operation - Down - CD and Vinyl

Illegal Operation – Down – CD and Vinyl

The sludgy rock oozes out of the speakers like gloopy mud and the listener gets the sense that the bass strings are so loose that they are probably also being sent through the speakers and the audience is left to revel in the squelching darkness in which they are coated.

The first track to surface from the six track album (available on bandcamp) the title and opener – Down – is a piece of music that seems to find moss on the underside of moss as the unhurried yet meticulous combinations of guitar, keys and percussion revolve inside each other, whilst bass and a superlative vocal cloud the ears.

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