The Medicine Dolls – L – Audio

Arising from slumber, the South African new-wave trio, The Medicine Dolls reminded themselves they had a new three track single to live launch within a couple of hours of this article being written on the 24th.

The Medicine Dolls - L

The Medicine Dolls

Although this doesn’t appear until almost a week later, due to publishing schedules, sorry one and all  – From the Sick Like Paradise single – L.

As those who have been here since the earliest foundations will recall when I introduced the site on the original URL last decade with the first post – back in the late ’70s when I first performed in a band – we got together for the first time for a practice and four hours later were playing on stage in South London – so you will perhaps understand why I particularly enjoy The Medicine Dolls – if only for their own carefree enjoyment of playing music with little fanfare or preamble.

For the best of the most genuine musicians from around the world, I find it hard to believe that Emerging Indie Bands on Twitter has many curations who surpass.

Brett Gleason – Expiration Date – Video

The US alt-classics creator Brett Gleason releases the LP Manifest on the 14th of April.

Brett Gleason - Manifest - artwork

Brett Gleason – Manifest – artwork

A longer stay performer on the various sites, having first featured back in 2010,  as always – as exampled in the third of the ten tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) – Brett, in Expiration Date, combines articulated timing on piano with his distinctive baritone voice to deliver a contemplative narrative of the realities of his life and continues to remain a musician unafraid to dig deep in to his psyche, throw it out for investigation and allow others to view by which ever light they presume to assume.

As always, I thank Brett Gleason for being an intensely open and honest creator who despite a lifetime of torment and self-doubt remains able to explore those thoughts with others through the medium of music.

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紺 紗実 (Kon Sami) – blossom – Video

The Japanese synth-soul creator 紺 紗実 (Kon Sami) released the LP blossom earlier in the month, though thus far, only in Japan.

紺 紗実 (Kon Sami) - blossom - artwork

紺 紗実 (Kon Sami) – blossom – artwork

The title track and first of the nine songs – blossom – provides a good indication of the album. Opening with piano which is subsequently accompanied by synths and instrumentation delivering music a calmly drifting measure. The title track, as it evolves is stippled with influences from Southern US blues as slide guitar joins in the just over four minutes number.


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Moxine – Pretend We’re Cool – Video

The Brazilian rock band Moxine have regularly featured over the years and always good to return to as songs arise.

Moxine - Pretend We're Cool


A live performance of the track Pretend We’re Cool, the first of the eleven tracks on the LP Hot December, recorded at Casa do Mancha in São Paulo (Brazil) on the 17th, has recently surfaced.

Hot December – Moxine is available on iTunes.*

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The Lunas – Until I’m Dead – Single Review

The Lunas is a Canadian indie-dance quartet struggling for affirmation of precisely when they will release the EP – A Curious Life.

The Lunas

The Lunas

Despite having a fist full of butter knives to hand The Lunas don’t over burden the listener and the latest track, Until I’m Dead, which came out within the past twenty four hours is a decent starting point to get to know the music.

Not aiming to generate a uniqueness of landscape, preferring to generate their own elbow room within a jostling table, The Lunas are able to create songs which capture the ear of those merely passing by, as they, in the just under three minutes of Until I’m Dead, deliver a song of well measured tempo changes and chord switches which swoon the listener.


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