Twilight Fields – Joy – Video

On the 10th of April the Canadian melancholic-rock project Twilight Fields will be releasing the LP Consolamentum.

Twilight Fields - Consolamentum - artwork

Twilight Fields – Consolamentum – artwork

The eleven track album (available on bandcamp) contemplates of the disappointments and sorrows of life, whilst simultaneously reflecting on how those low moments can often resolve to an indomitable and optimistic outlook.

Joy is the third song on Consolamentum.

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Frankly Benjamin – Simon Says – Audio

The US brass’n’roll septet are set to release the EP To Be Frank on the 1st of April.

Frankly Benjamin - Photo credit - Hayley Rose Harrington

Frankly Benjamin – Photo credit – Hayley Rose Harrington

Within the past couple of hours the first of the five tracks –  Simon Says surfaced. Before you hit play, clear some room for yourself to spiral in twinkling footsteps.

The focal point of a sustained vocal around which the music revolves has the larynx to meet the challenge of six other players chasing the limelight and I raise my hat to Caitlin Cook who not only sings but also plays guitar for being able to do what King Canute was unable, as the piano, strings, percussion and wind instruments melt into order.

With a jazzy undertow Frankly Benjamin are able to exist in high and low registers, giving the music a cut and thrust which spins the listener on gilded toes, whilst never over stressing the seven players, with each given space to perform.

Simon Says, I particularly enjoyed for its juxtaposition of the party room reference point with its more acerbic undertow of … if Simple Simon says… it perhaps is not the time to be following the leading step of a bureaucrat. Though to be fair to Frankly Benjamin, my interpretation of music does often take it to extreme of unintended anarcho-capitalist argument, as regular readers will be familiar.


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Tall Ships – Home – Video

Originally slated for release on the 10th of February, the English synth-rock quartet Tall Ships release the LP Impressions on the 31st.

Tall Ships - Home

Tall Ships

The second track to be featured from the album – Home, is the fourth of the nine songs – that provides, once again, a fine testament to their songwriting abilities and style of music.

Impressions is available on Amazon.*

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Cyborg Asylum – Blitz – Audio

The US based dystopian-electronica outfit Cyborg Asylum are due to release the LP Never Finished, Only Abandoned on the 18th of April.

Cyborg Asylum - Never Finished, Only Abandoned - artwork

Cyborg Asylum – Never Finished, Only Abandoned – artwork

Within the past few hours the opening composition of the eleven –  Blitz – was made available in advance of the album.

Having had the opportunity to listen to the full release, I am able to attest Never Finished, Only Abandoned is an album to add to the collection on availability. An eleven track, just under three quarters of an hour LP which excavates its own sheltering bunkers under the listeners feet. A well put together release which has story-like flow to the collection of songs, that weave between dark apocalypse and moments of fleeting hopefulness and in many ways minds of the Jeff Wayne musical version of War Of The Worlds.

Blitz is the perfect scenario opening chapter for what follows and also my pick of the release – from its opening siren through to its closing burning wood – as the just under four and a half minute track shrouds the room in plaster wrecking drill-bits of electronics and wall collapsing bass loops.


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EAT FAST – Scrambled Egg – Audio

On the 19th of May the English garage-rock quartet EAT FAST will release the LP Immortal Kombat.

EAT FAST - Immortal Kombat - artwork

EAT FAST – Immortal Kombat – artwork

The third of the six tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) Scrambled Egg has been given an early run-out.

A three minutes and twenty seconds track that undulates through the room as though driving a kart through sand-dunes, Scrambled Eggs contains the combinations of ambient warmth and fuzzy-logic which always makes EAT FAST an outfit of paramour.

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