Druidian Pink – Black Magic – Audio

Druidian Pink is a psychedelic-goth trio from the USA.

Druidian Pink

Druidian Pink

Earlier this month they released their début LP Pink Aliens, which is available on bandcamp. A roughly twenty six minutes, six track, reveal of pulsing darkness which is best heard while sitting in a dank cellar lit by waning candles to fully relish the atmospherics.

The interplay between the bass, guitar and drum-kit is notably for the manner in which Druidian Pink are able to melt each into the other as though one instrument, while drifting vocal surfaces from unanticipated flows of the compositions.

I look forward to hearing more from the trio – for now, by way of an introduction, the second song on Pink AliensBlack Magic.

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Silk Filled Stilts – Can It Be Wind – Audio

The US gaze-rock band Silk Filled Stilts revealed their latest track within the past twenty four hours.

Silk Filled Stilts

Silk Filled Stilts

Often laying dormant for long periods of time, then suddenly surfacing with a new set of tracks Silk Filled Stilts are in a more active phase at present.

The just about three and a sixth minutes of Can It Be Wind combines lo-fidelity, psychedelia and bluesy-rock in a song the listener becomes engaged with upon hitting play.

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50in15 – Giant – Audio

The Swiss ambient-electronica project 50in15 was introduced last year.

50in15 - Giant

50in15 – Giant

With an unstoppable flow of new material constantly surfacing, the latest track Giant is a four and just under a quarter minutes of darkness that minds of watching a storm brewing in a distant valley from atop a mountain with the track developing ever more layering as it progresses whilst a triphop beat pulses away in the depths of the evolving composition providing the core around which the billowing textures revolve.

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Erica Dawson – USA Party Girl – Audio

Erica Dawson is an acerbic-rap creator from the USA.

Erica Dawson - photo credit - Caitlin Fisher Photography

Erica Dawson – photo credit – Caitlin Fisher Photography

Reflecting of the country in which she lives Erica, in USA Party Girl, passes scant regard for her country-folk in a track that pours scorn on a society which embraces the celebrity over the cerebral.

A comedienne by normal venture, from time to time Erica steps in to music too and I look forward to hearing more of her material which minds of the clarifying cloudiness of the malolactic fermentation process as acidic sourness turns to palatable vinous complexities.


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Dreaming Awake – Friction – Video

The US metal quartet Dreaming Awake are set to release the LP Friction Lives on the 14th of April.

Dreaming Awake

Dreaming Awake

The first track to surface and almost title piece Friction is an impressive blend of hiving rock sensibilities tied with a duality of vocal which threads betwixt guttural epiglottis and the additional tempered voice of Jeremy Gilmore from SycAmour giving the song an impressive array of acoustic levels.

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