Band of the Month – February 2017 – Readers’ Choice

The shortest month of the year draws to a close and time for the Readers’ Choice for band of the month.

Reptilians From Andromeda - Band Of The Month February 2017

Reptilians From Andromeda

Unusually, a band who haven’t featured for a while – from Turkey – Reptilians From Andromeda.

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Absent Minded Professors – Lava Lamp – Audio

The US sludge trio Absent Minded Professors released the EP Songs From the Attic earlier in the month.

Absent Minded Professors

Absent Minded Professors

A four track release (available on bandcamp) that fills the the room with hanging baskets of moss from which the sounds drip akin to an aural depiction of Knudsen diffusion.

My selection, from an EP of munificence, is the closer Lava Lamp.

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Sdtrk – Dance Like Everybody’s Watching – Audio

The US slow-wave project Sdtrk will be releasing the EP – Crying Out Love. – in March.

Sdtrk - Dance Like Everybody's Watching


From the forthcoming release – Dance Like Everybody’s Watching – is seven and almost three quarters of a minutes worth of hypnotic ambience in which the listener is invited to lay back their head on a soft pillow and drift into a trance.

Incongruously, given the measured flow of the resultant mesmerism, Sdtrk is a prolific creator of larghetto soundtracks in which the audience is quietly massaged to restful meditation and for this, I, extend my gratitude.

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TYPES – Mild Learning Difficulties – Audio

TYPES is a protest-rock band from England.



Last week they released their début LP The Future Is Close Enough and an album you should add to your back pocket as it is a fascinating eight track LP of wretched gloom that reminds of how the UK has once again revolved back in to a Dickensian Workhouse – with A Christmas Carol, far from in Scrooge, creating a character of contempt, the structural desires of the plutocracy of the 21st Century is clearly a template in to which society is intentionally being dissolved.

My selection from the The Future Is Close Enough is the fourth track – Mild Learning Difficulties.

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Haley Ganis – Travelin’ West – Audio

Haley Ganis is a country-blues creator from the USA.

Haley Ganis

Haley Ganis

Revealed earlier this month was the three track eponymous single – a veritable twisty journey of Western-rock and lamenting Country which Haley is able to deliver with a singular honesty that seems to reach out of the speakers with outstretched embrace and genuine inclusiveness, without becoming a cloying sweetness of artificiality.

I am aware I often ask you to step outside your comfort zone to consider the music postulated as worthy of your time and I am also aware how frequently folks sneer at Country and Western – you will also know there are no genre close-off points on the site with music being considered for your consideration purely based on the contribution I feel it adds to the weave of the rich tapestry of life.

Give the closer Travelin’ West a run out and I assure you – your time will be well spent.


Haley Ganis – Single – Haley Ganis is available on iTunes.*

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