Grandkids – Earring – Audio

The US experimental-folk quartet Grandkids released the LP This Guitars on the 16th.

Grandkids - Photo by Geon Tillinghast

Grandkids – Photo by Geon Tillinghast

Those who know their first album Timeshare from 2013, but haven’t had the opportunity to catch them in live performance, will find this follow-up has a less produced and more extemporised feel to the tracks which have also moved from their earlier sound with an experimental air hanging over the songs. Grandkids have grown more adept as musicians and as importantly have greater confidence in each other, which is perhaps best elucidated by the manner in which the compositions came together with each player adding their element to the basic idea.

This has evidently resulted in greater reliance on their abilities to put the songs together, rather than in the hands of the producer, resulting in an expansive ten track, just under forty minute, LP full of jewels.

My pick of This Guitars (available on bandcamp) is the eighth – Earring.

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Wild Forest – Riddle – Single Review

The Denmark based drifting-rock quintet Wild Forest released the single Riddle a few hours ago.

Wild Forest - Riddle - artwork

Wild Forest – Riddle – artwork

Those of longer stay may well recognise Ned Gale who is a member of the quintet, along with his sister Marie Antonie who plays drums, combined with Rasmus Møller,
Frederik Hvenegaard and Lasse Solevad in Wild Forest – the sounds take on a wispier and more expansive sentiment.

The just over six minute composition (available on bandcamp) drifts around the room in layers of synths and instrumentation which offer the listener a soft pillow on which to lay their head and unwind, allowing their minds to flow in to thoughts of fantastical imagination, as the unhurried piece rests upon the ears.

With a trio of singles behind them, my hope is that in short order Wild Forest will package a collection of songs together in an LP as the output is best enjoyed in extended play.

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The Magic Es – Running Scared – Single Review

The English alt-rock band The Magic Es will be releasing the single Running Scared early in 2017.

The Magic Es - Running Scared

The Magic Es

In advance of the recorded track they have made available a live version of the song, which once again finds the listener checking that there isn’t an excavator drilling in to the building foundations. Turn up the volume and hit play to enjoy free-running rock as it should be displayed.

I am sure I am not the only one of us who is thinking – why bother with a studio recording as it is unlikely to top this gritty performance other than to fluff-up the earthy realism that makes this the song that it is for the way it currently stands? But I also realise there are folk who like their music to come with neatly ironed creases – we shall discover in  due whether this is the recording that will surface as the official release or if a Studio version will be the replacement.

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فرقة الراحل الكبي (The Great Departed) – قمت طلعت مع (Marched With The People) – Audio

The Lebanese protest folk group فرقة الراحل الكبي (The Great Departed) released the LP La Bombe earlier this month in vinyl format in Beirut.

فرقة الراحل الكبي (The Great Departed)

فرقة الراحل الكبي (The Great Departed)

Their confrontational style towards both religious fundamentalism, particularly with songs mocking ISIS and much of the political structure in the Middle East – along with female members in the band has found them regularly receiving death-threats since their inception in 2013, though despite that, they retain both a presence along with a significant local following and their début album marks a significant chapter in their career.

From the nine track LP – قمت طلعت مع (Marched With The People).

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By Torchlight – As Long As You’re Here – Audio

By Torchlight is the acoustic new wave project of Thom Hall from the USA.

By Torchlight

By Torchlight

The bleeding tonsils launch themselves in to the room in confrontational rawness and as a reader you will either recoil in horror or have faith that I am not leading you astray.

It is for the very fact that the vocals and guitar clash against each other akin to cars in a head-on collision that makes the Celtic rock tinged harsh barrenness a sound that grabs hold of the listener by the lapels and shakes hard which gives the material its elemental attraction.

On the 18th the five track, just over a quarter of an hour, EP One More Night (available on bandcamp) saw the light of day and a fine release it is too and well worth adding to the collection. It will be interesting to see if this project has longer legs with the preponderance of each track to be a variation of the same theme – but time will tell and not of importance when considering the EP in isolation. My pick of the selection is the opener – As Long As You’re Here.

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