Ryan Raiden – 67 – Audio

Within the past few hours the US alt-folk creator Ryan Raiden released his début three track single Painting.

Ryan Raiden

Ryan Raiden

An approaching nine minute release that combines skeletal acoustics and associated percussion that envelopes the listener in its construct, allowing the audience to generate their own inflections.

Instantly capturing the ears is the baritone vocal which travels around the room in sonorous lament, and akin to many folk singers it is noticeably out of kilter with the backing and for its very disassociation, as with significant players of the genre of the past, creates a connection with the listener.

My selection from the release is the closer – 67.


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Infernal Angels – Belial: The Deceiver – Video

The Italian dark-metal quintet – Infernal Angels – release the LP Ars Goetia on the 20th of January.

Infernal Angels - Ars Goetia - artwork

Infernal Angels – Ars Goetia – artwork

Like a dense covering descending over the room the – Belial: The Deceiver – the penultimate of the ten tracks – showcases their muted, melodic, yet frenetic guitars surrounded by percussion firing at the skins as through a sports car revving its engine whilst the bass circles menacingly, from which the howled vocal spills in an out of focus.

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Ars Goetia – Infernal Angels is available on iTunes.*

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Logan Callahan – Rebirth – Audio

Logan Callahan is a doleful-rock creator from the USA.

Logan Callahan

Logan Callahan

Logan Callahan is set to release the EP All My Mistakes on the 7th January, a release which steps across a furrow of ideas from the deeply introspective to wide-staging anthemics which flow steadfastly around the room.

The EP is as an interesting approximately twenty two minutes release which offers the listener a blanket in which to keep their legs warm whilst allowing the vaguely mournful, predominately acoustic guitar led, sounds to drip over the ears.

The middle track on All My Mistakes is Rebirth.


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Someday I Will Miss You – Long Shots – Audio

The Croatian electronic-dream project Someday I Will Miss You frequently features.

Someday I Will Miss You - Longshots

Someday I Will Miss You

The latest track is the just under three and two third minutes Long Shots – which announces itself with repeating scales of electronic-bells akin to a campanologist on an outing to towers anew, prior to dissolving like sugar in a hot cup of coffee and reappearing as the sweetener to the ebb and flow of synths and muted vocal and the listener lays ensconced in the deep pile carpet of the composition which alluringly divides itself in to distinctive chapters.

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Comrade Catbox – Baroque Acquaintances – Audio

The US psychedelic-grunge quartet, Comrade Catbox, are working towards the release of the EP Porcelain Pillows.

Comrade Catbox

Comrade Catbox

Within the past few hours, a track from the EP – Baroque Acquaintances has surfaced.

A squelching feeling that is akin to mud in the toes at a festival slurries from the speakers and the listener, rather than looking for cleaning materials, delightedly allows themselves to be covered in the gloop as it covers the body in gooey sludge in which to bathe.

I am looking forward to Porcelain Pillows on the basis of Baroque Acquaintances.

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