David Edlund – Days Gone By – Audio

The Swedish dream-sequence creator David Edlund released his début LP – Magnolia – on the 20th.

David Edlund

David Edlund

The six track approximately twenty three minutes album spins threads of silk which hang in the air even after the notes have faded in to silence. Combinations of electronics, keys, percussion and instrumentation glide between each other, with occasional synthesised sounds from the larynx – leaving the listener becalmed by the weave of textures.

Magnolia is most certainly not an LP to take out on a training run, but is a fine accompaniment to moments of quiet reflection and probably why it has taken me the best part of an hour to jot these few thoughts whilst having the album on repeat loop.

The closing track is Days Gone By.

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Magnolia – EP – David Edlund is available on iTunes.*

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Rolling Eyes – Rock & Roll Radio – Audio

The Australian garage rock band Rolling Eyes released the EP – Rolling Eyes EP. 1 on the 20th.

Rolling Eyes

Rolling Eyes

There is something delightful about a band who make things very easy to understand in their release titles – which cover every question anyone may have about how many EPs are there and what is the name of the band.

The music is as blindingly succinct too and all you need to do is turn up the speakers then kick them louder and join in with the feisty compression of sounds that hurls in to the room. The quartet make not pretensions in their delivery which relies on its rawness of bleeding fingers and thumbs, cracked wrists and swollen tonsils as bass, guitar, drums and voice deliver their raucous energy, what a delight it is too.

I look forward to getting to Rolling Eyes EP. 1234 via the intervening 1 232 EP releases – in short order.

From Rolling Eyes EP. 1 (available on bandcamp) – the second of the four tracks Rock & Roll Radio.

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Jean Koning – Truly Love The Hunt – Audio

The dark-synth creator Jean Koning from the Netherlands will be releasing the LP From The Hermit’s Bedroom in March 2017.

Jean Koning

Jean Koning

On the 19th of January – Truly Love The Hunt – taken from the album will be released as a stand alone single.

Jean delivers music of dark context and outlook, with morose vocal encased in oppressive electronica folding a melancholic embrace around the listener.

Truly Love The Hunt is a roughly three and a sixth minute track which, both,musically and vocally rumbles around the room in ever more obsessive loops as the tale unfolds of assault and social media bullying from the perspective of the perpetrator.


Truly Love the Hunt  is available on Amazon*

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John Myrtle – The World Will Keep Spinning Round – Single Review

John Myrtle is an English acoustic alt-rock creator.

John Myrtle - Photo by Niralee Modha

John Myrtle – Photo by Niralee Modha

An experienced musician, it is only recently that John has struck out with a solo project and a couple of tracks have surfaced, both having a slightly ’60s retro feel to them, though each quite different. The most recent of which is The World Will Keep Spinning Round.

The composition launches with a pronounced beat that the listener finds themselves involuntarily dipping alongside, with hints of the jazz and R&B influences of the era surfacing – keeping the just over one and a half minute long track trotting along at a fair old lick.

Given the two pieces to have surfaced thus far, I am hoping that 2017 will discover more by John Myrtle and I look forward to keeping you up to date on developments.

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Riket – Lost My love – Single Review

The Swedish dark-folk duo Riket revealed the track Lost My Love less than ten hours ago.



Those of sharper ears may think you recognise one part of the duet of voices as being the distinctive sound of Bea from LaDiDa and you would be right –  amongst other projects Bea teams up with Jennifer Lander to form the darkened sounds of Riket.

There is a mystical beauty in the resonance of the just under four minute track which finds the listener seeking the cloak of Gothic Architecture in which to fully enjoy Lost My Love.

I am looking forward to hearing more during the course of 2017 and word arrives of thoughts of an EP on distant wings.

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