Band of the Month – December 2016 – Readers’ Choice

My thanks to you, on this last post for 2016 for having stayed another year – or perhaps more recently joined – as, without you none of this would be possible.

White Bær - Band of the month December 2016

White Bær

As regular readers know – all articles are published by the Universal Computer time-zone and at 23:59 UTC on the 31st – time to reveal the Readers’ Choice for the band of the Month for December 2016.

From Scotland – White Bær.

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Trunkweed – Rad Or Sad – Audio

It is coming up to two years since the US garage-surf band Trunkweed last featured.

Trunkweed - You Are A Nice Surprise - Cassette

Trunkweed – You Are A Nice Surprise – Cassette

Earlier in the month they released the appropriately named LP – You Are A Nice Surprise – as it was good to hear from the guys again. An album, which retains their signature sound of low fidelity fuzz that flows through the room in interweaving echoes and reverb that drench the listener in the washes of gauzed production.

From the dozen track – approaching forty minutes LP (available on bandcamp) – the seventh – Rad Or Sad.

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ASTROBOY – Dead Flowers – Audio

The German maths-rock trio ASTROBOY released an eponymous EP on the 23rd.



Best to ensure you have a set-square to hand and can recall Euclidean geometry as the angular bracken’s of sound dart across the room in angry flares of fuzziness.

The five track release (available on bandcamp) fizzes out of the speakers akin to fireworks shooting from their launchers before lighting up the night sky in colourful displays of arching gunpowder.

The opener is Dead Flowers.

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Solve4X – And I Love You – Video

Appropriately – I find myself with a brand new song published today by a global collective of world-beat musicians who produce music across the internet –  Solve4X with And I Love You.



After a year of topsy- turvy for many – just when you thought no-one else would be releasing new music before midnight UTC on the 31st of December – a song holding hands to all around the globe – the undectet have chosen to reveal And I Love You (the video is – at the time of publishing – incorrectly titled).


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Melvv – Not Me (feat. Two Feet) – Audio

The US mellow-wave creator Melvv collaborated with Two Feet in the track Not Me which surfaced a few hours ago.

Melvv - photo by

Melvv – photo by

Somehow appropriate for the 31st as over here in the UK it is mid-morning and minds settle to getting ready to party this evening and a track that slows down the pace a little – works particularly well – and will also serve as a salve tomorrow.

Not Me (feat. Two Feet) – Melvv is available on iTunes.*

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