Embassy 516 – Digital Delay – Video

Embassy 516 is a Croatian gaze-wave quartet.

Embassy 516

Embassy 516

By way of an introduction a live version of Digital Delay the ninth of the twelve tracks on the LP Surveillance of the Environment.

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Surveillance of the Environment – Embassy 516 is available on iTunes.*

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Being A Tiger – The Accident – Audio

The English grunge-blues trio Being A Tiger released the two track single X Predates Y on the 21st.

Being A Tiger

Being A Tiger

Reminding of that moment when you pull in to an unknown location late in the evening, but just feel the need to hang up your feet and you spot a broken sign that indicates there may be music therein and on entering are met with scowling faces and steps do descend to what seems like a poorly lit cellar only to discover smiles and free beer on tap – such is the manner of engaging with Being A Tiger.

It all seems threatening and ominous, yet once you start on their journey there is a respectful, though cursory handshake, to welcome new partakers and by the end there is a group hug in the steaming moshpit. With only two tracks to select from (available on bandcamp) it will be of no surprise, to regular readers, that my pick of the release is the B-Side – The Accident.

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Tablefox – Under A Broken Smile – Video

The New Zealand synth rock band Tablefox released the single Under A Broken Smile today.

Tablefox - Under a Broken Smile - artwork

Tablefox – Under a Broken Smile – artwork

Time-zones sometimes play havoc with reviews – I am writing this on the 24th here in the UK for publication schedule on what is as I type – tomorrow the 25th – but it is already the 25th in New Zealand and by the time this scheduled publication is publicly available it will already be the 26th in New Zealand – but enough of those conundrums…

Pared back from the members of the band mentioned in the initial review last year from the quintet to what is now a core trio Tablefox have nonetheless been able to impact more layers of texture in which the brain can engorge itself.

The distinctive new-romantics influences adorn the room on hitting play in the approaching three and a half-minutes of the track – those of us of older bones are transported straight into The Blitz and although retrospective of the ’80s has a timeless resonance that suits as well 2016 as 1980.

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Columbo – Made In The UK – Video

The English indie-surf duo Columbo released the LP – We Know Who You Are on the 18th.

Columbo - We Know Who You Are - artwork

Columbo – We Know Who You Are – artwork

Not for the first time, nor last will this be the last, I  put up ideas a little later than originally germinated, though in this instance the delay is not my error, so don’t need to apologise.

Seventeen years ago Columbo recorded the LP – but fell out with their label only for it all to be rediscovered and released, last week, through another label  – Banoffeesound who tracked down the unreleased LP and the two players, both of whom have now moved on to pastures new.

Made In The UK is the sixth of the bakers dozen of songs and the video, which was shot in 1999 in readiness for the release – it was that close to surfacing, is as wry a look at the UK now as it was pertinent then.

We Know Who You Are – Columbo is available on iTunes.*

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