La Fin Absolute Du Monde – Rat Food – Audio

The US dark metal project La Fin Absolute Du Monde revealed their latest track a few hours ago.

La Fin Absolute Du Monde - Rat Food

La Fin Absolute Du Monde

Longer stay readers of the site will recall La Fin Absolute Du Monde who have featured regularly over the years and may remember an interview in which what was then a duo announced their impending marriage. Within the past few weeks what was two is now performing as one and Rat Food marks the second track from what is (for now) the solo project of Jason.

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The Northern Folk – Foolish Child – Audio

The Australian alt-folk undectet The Northern Folk released the LP Stumble On Home on the 28th of October.

The Northern Folk

The Northern Folk

Wending ones way through the approximately thirty one minute seven track album one is immediately struck by the lack of fat on the bones as rather than each of the eleven players feeling the need to have a moment in the spotlight they appreciate as a unit they are far more than the sum of the parts – do recall there are a lot of parts in The Northern Folk.

The unedctet have a very clear focus on the compositions The Northern Folk are seeking to create and they are all delivered with less collective ‘look at me’ egotism than the stage size that is needed to accommodate them all.

Stumble On Home threads an intrigue of ideas as funk numbers dominated by the reed and wind section gives way to morose folk in which dual vocals counterpoint each other with other pieces of nu-folk, even stretching to country numbers, whilst always combining all the elements of strings, wind, electronics, percussion and vocals in measured composition.

Stumble On Home – much akin to wandering home from a club after a long drinking session – threads various ideas and thoughts and a release well worth spending time to get to know.

My pick of the release (available on bandcamp) is the closer Foolish Child – which perversely and not at all indicative of the LP as a whole, particularly given all the above, features pianoforte and vocal only – though as regular readers know – if the music is melancholic and simultaneously acerbic – there is a good chance I will particularly enjoy the piece.


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The Extons – I Won’t Leave Lonely – Single Review

The English alt-rock quartet The Extons released their début single I Won’t Leave Lonely on the 26th of October.

The Extons

The Extons

Having been around for a little while, the only surprise is that it has taken so long to surface with recorded material for those of us who haven’t had a chance to see their live shows – with good fortune that has now been rectified with the thumper of a track I Won’t Leave Lonely and I look forward to hearing more in short order.

The Extons deliver music for those who want a bit of roll with their rock as within the just over three and a third minutes of I Won’t Leave Lonely the listener is taken across seven decades of rock ‘n’ roll yet never straying from the point. Furious percussion is met by hard rock guitar with bass two stepping while vocal that reminds of Ray Davies soars around the room.

Declutter the furniture – grab a partner – turn up the volume, hit play and jive.

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I Won’t Leave Lonely – Single – The Extons is available on iTunes.*

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Socially Altered – Cancer For The Soul – Audio

The introspective-rock project of Krishnendu GhosalSocially Altered from India releases his début three track single Resurgence on the 11th.

Socially Altered

Socially Altered

In Socially Altered the listener discovers music that is simultaneously bleak, whilst being cathartic.

The deep string bending bass opening the second track of the three on ResurgenceCancer For The Soul – embraces the mind from which it will not let its grip relax for the five and a quarter minutes of its journey. The scattered percussion gives an air of the unexpected and guitar weaves its way through tempo and structure while the almost chanting vocal spirals round the brain.

Socially Altered provides material in which the listener is luxuriantly able to slough the dead-weight of the darkest emotions in the mesmeric compositions.


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TEN FÉ – Overflow – Audio

The English psychedelic-tint duo TEN FÉ have firmed up on the release date of the LP Hit The Light which is due on the 3rd of February 2017 since their introduction earlier this year.

TEN FÉ - Overflow


Revealed in the past half a dozen hours the opener Overflow intimates of an outfit who are adept at subtle brush strokes which in combination make for immersive context.

The heading towards four minutes track is one that you wish were extended to further reaches of nebulae auditory refraction as the spectrometer of colours dance across the room, each element holding the attention, making this a track that could do with a 12″ vinyl extended run through to allow the listener to capture the soundscape in more detail – the best I am able to proffer – is put this on repeat loop and then once again to get the full flavour of a sublime piece of music.

Hit the Light – Ten Fé is available on iTunes.*

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