Band of the Month – November 2016 – Readers’ Choice

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Still Eighteen - Band Of The Month November 2016

Still Eighteen

This month has been particularly close in the selection for Readers’ Choice for band of the month. A variety of algorithms are used which all go in to one equation and it has been nip and tuck through-out the period. The Band of the Month for November has only been finalised within a quarter of an hour before this publication and the selection being identified, with two entities slugging it out to the last moment, some months it is evident a few days in advance.

Based in The Dominican Republic – Still Eighteen is the Readers’ Choice for Novembers’ Band Of The Month.

From the EP Bullets To Dust (available on bandcamp) – Pretty Thing.

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DXMVRC – Step Show Trophy – Video

DXMVRC is an alt-hop creator from the USA.



Step Show Trophy reflects on an evolving world in which to be in camouflage is to be of normal spinneret – whilst pondering of social mores. A brief number, lasting less than three minutes, poses questions of societal constructs that would take reams of bureaucratic scribing to respond to – inadequately.

The power of the piece lays in the understated meandering composition that flows around the room, pointedly asking questions of the listener, with its unuttered queries.


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Ned Gale – Hometown – Video

The Icelandic melodic-rocker Ned Gale released the single Hometown on the 25th.

Ned Gale

Ned Gale

With self-evident reference point of Dire Straits – Hometown (available on bandcamp) doesn’t dwell in the past rather provide a continuum of the ever evolving cycle of music where to pull on the past can still make for material of currency and in another forty years so one will be minded of Ned Gale as a circumlocution of influence with the same rushed and awkward lyrics trying to cram themselves into spaces that don’t exist.

If you don’t fully recall Sultans of Swing in what is now an iconic reference track with its broken stanzas and over reaching lyrics do take another listen before you criticise Ned for doing exactly the same thing in his début release and given time will be as smoothly able to transition the contrasts.


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Astronaut Husband – Clue – Audio

The US lo-fi project of Alec Grefe – Astronaut Husband – released the LP Collection Of You on the 28th.

Astronaut Husband

Astronaut Husband

The spacey subdued sounds drift around the room as though floating in outer-space as the listener finds themselves loosing gravitational pull as their thoughts become detached from the corporeal being.

The just over three quarters of an hour, fifteen tracks, of Collection Of You (available on bandcamp) ask nothing more than investment in time and an open mind, given that many people happily pay hundreds if not thousands of local currency to be taught a course in how to meditate – not a stretch of credulity.

My selection from the album is the fourth number – Clue.

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The Everglows – Julia Lost – Single Review

The English compressed-rock trio The Everglows first appeared back in 2014 and have featured regularly since.

The Everglows - Julia Lost

The Everglows

Over time their music has become ever more coiled spring in action as the leisurely confident swagger of modern-rock has shifted to a frustration with the world around, much akin to the realities of the societies in which the 99% have become mere playthings for the 1% and rather than extending a clean new mattress on which to bounce, the latest track, Julia Lost presents lumpy broken bedding in which to discover rusting steel.

The Everglows who have never sought to a band of political commentary nonetheless find themselves diarising life and it is interesting to follow the chapters of musicians over the years who are unable but to commentate on the Dickensian poor-houses reality of the UK in 2016 with little sight of anything other than a grinding down to dust which is reflected in ever more pessimistic and sombre material.

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