Modern Psycho – Game Over – Audio

The Greek indie sextet Modern Psycho released the single Game Over on the 26th.

Modern Psycho - photo credit - Ankh Photography

Modern Psycho – photo credit – Ankh Photography

There is a lightness of sound that captures the listener by the waist and has them joining in with the dance as Modern Psycho deliver a track that is accessible as the sextet use the players to neither add confusion nor volume.

Though each an integral element of Game Over (available on bandcamp) the various layers weave smoothly in and out of each other in a good time mood. The combination of electronics, instrumentation and percussion and the dual vocals enables Modern Psycho to throw in some twists and turns along the way.

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The News – Fail Better – Audio

The US nu-disco project The News revealed the début track Fail Better within the past three quarters of an hour.

The News

The News

There is something perspicacious of a brand new entity who release as their initial offering a track about relationship breakdown as The News already describe the silos of isolationist iconoclasts of the world of the latter part of the ’10s.

The News deliver material which needs to be encased in a time-capsule to relay of the world of pixel communication and despite the foreboding of the impending break-up – I cross my fingers that Fail Better (available on bandcamp) is not a firelight in the sky and swansong of The News to never to be heard of again – time will discover.

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IZZY – Moving On – Audio

IZZY is a US RnB creator from the USA.



With a series of tracks due to surface in short order – the first in the sequence by IZZY is – Moving On.

Whilst being a little more centre of gravity than normal fare on the site, IZZY is undoubtedly an able singer and songwriter and being a bit of a sucker for piano, as longer readers will know, I particularly enjoyed the layering of textures in the just under three and a half minute composition.

Word has it that the ensuing tracks will be a mix of styles and I look forward to hearing what else is in store.

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Oxen – Come Back – Audio

Oxen is a Swedish indie trio.

Oxen - Come Back


Their latest track to surface – Come Back – appeared in advance of a short tour in the UK which starts on Wednesday.

Oxen, which is less than a year into existence have used their previous experience to good effect and are establishing an audience both at home and more internationally with parts of South America – especially Brazil – taking a keen interest.

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LOCO HOT – I’m A Tribe – Video

The Israeli alt-hop project LOCO HOT last featured in 2014.

LOCO HOT - I'm A Tribe - artwork

LOCO HOT – I’m A Tribe – artwork

Their latest single I’m A Tribe which was released on the 21st features A-WA and signatures with their instantly recognisable traditional folk roots blended inside electro-dance loops.

I’m a Tribe (feat. A-WA) – Single – LOCO-HOT is available on iTunes.*

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