Mmöner – Mirkwood – Audio

The England based electro-wave project Mmöner released the EP Forest Eruption on the 29th of September.



The listener can feel the vegetation sprouting around their ankles as Mmöner delivers a virtual landscape into the room, leaving each member of the audience to create their own story through the almost tangible organic ambient electronics that flow in to the ears.

There is a sense of a world sprites and eye reflections peering from the foliage as the music develops, yet despite the mystery there is never a sense of threat, merely an invitation to explore further and yet the more uncovered the more, akin to a fractal, the listener finds they have only brushed the edges.

Forest Eruption (available on bandcamp) is an approximately eighteen minute release with a distinctly far east asian flavour to put on a loop and discover more each play through. The last of the five tracks is Mirkwood.

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Sun God Replica – Celestial Building Block – Audio

The Australian stoner trio Sun God Replica released the LP Grandular Fever today.

Sun God Replica

Sun God Replica

This is music to unfurl when the days could do with a calmness as the trippy hallucinogenics course through the hippocampus in washes of purples and reds.

From the dozen track just under forty minute album (available on bandcamp) the third – Celestial Building Block – curls inside its folds in a track that minds of the finest of ’70s psychedlia.


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Andy Craig – Where This Is Going – Audio

The Scottish alt-folk creator Andy Craig releases the LP Embers on the 4th of November.

Andy Craig

Andy Craig

Revealed within the past twenty four hours – from the release – Where This Is Going has been made available.

I have had the pleasure of threading through the just under three quarters of an hour, dozen track, album and can attest it is time you will not regret spending in his company.

Whilst there is much to enjoy, there are equally a few highlights and kindly Andy cleared for me to share the eighth track Where This Is Going and my pick of the release in a darker moment on Embers.

With a subtlety of bass line that does enough to wobble the sub-woofers, but not rattle them out of their cages in a composition that is of counterpoint between the alternating minors and majors of vocal and strumming poised by fleeced drumstick giving the piece a delicious texture akin to the sharpness of a Morello Cherry soaked in Kirsch luxuriating in a layer of cream encased in dark chocolate.


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Weapon Dogs – Apathetic Rapture – Single Review

The English alt-rock trio Weapon Dogs released their début single Apathetic Rupture on the 28th of September.

Weapon Dogs

Weapon Dogs

Formed recently Weapon Dogs have only the one track around (available on bandcamp) and a welcome introduction it makes too.

The scavenging guitar fuzzes around the decaying skirting boards, while bass stomps on creaking floorboards with a percussion slamming into broken window frames as a vocal despairs of the rotting corpse of a societal malady of dysfunctional myopia gaily wrapped in a self-importance of nothingness.

It is the ability of Weapon Dogs to disport their intense frustrations, not screaming from a soapbox rather, contained within an oppressive industrial framework that affords the music its powerful presence and I look forward to hearing more.

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The Great Escape – I Can’t Resist – Audio

The US alt-rock trio The Great Escape released the single I Can’t Resist last week.

The Great Escape - I Can't Resist

The Great Escape

With a tauter rock skin to the track than previous material I Can’t Resist finds The Great Escape playing in a different arena – one in which they strut confidently with considerable poise and presence.

I Can’t Resist (Single) – Single – The Great Escape is available on iTunes.

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