Band of the Month – October 2016 – Readers’ Choice

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Two Feet - Band Of The Month October 2016

Two Feet

The Readers’ Choice for band of the month for October is Two Feet from the USA.

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The Van T’s – Fun Garçon – Single Review

The fuzz-rock quartet, The Van T’s, from Scotland release the single Fun Garçon on the 25th of November.

The Van T's

The Van T’s

Echoing reverb bruises its way out of the speakers as The Van T’s deliver high octane rock ‘n’ roll with furious percussion pummelling the walls as the guitars deliver their fuzzy garage surf while bass keeps the ideas holding together from which the signature vocal flicks in and out of earshot.

Fun Garçon is a blister-pack of energising tablets that keeps the listener ever after louder volume to fully enjoy the just over four minutes of foundation testing fused rumbling rock and marking them out as a band well worth rearranging the diary for if they play live within travelling distance.

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Blossom – Savoury – Video

The Australian rock band Blossom were introduced earlier in the year.

Blossom - Savoury


With some shows set for December in advance of the Australian mini-tour they revealed a new track – Savoury, which finds Blossom in much darker mood than music of their previously featured.

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P. Moses – We Rockin We Aint Stoppin – Video

P. Moses is an agit-hop creator from the USA.

P. Moses

P. Moses

Reviling of a society in which ‘gender’ and ‘place of birth’ predicate relative ‘status in Society’ P. Moses punches against the barriers – demanding a space for expression and an equalisation of we are born we die, we all as relevant as each other – not for judgement from a self anointed ivory tower.

The hard hitting punches of drum-loop careen against the wall splitting the plaster supporting the vocal which splits open the brick-work before proudly striding in to the ears with no sense of deference to anyone.

P. Moses I look forward to coming back to in short order.


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Jesse Ruben – Scared Of America – Audio

The US acoustic-rock creator Jesse Ruben last featured in August.

Jesse Ruben - Scared Of America

Jesse Ruben – Scared Of America

The latest track to surface, which came out on the 28th –  Scared Of America – rather than being a song of didactic protest is more a quizzical contemplation reflecting Jesse’s observation of what he notices has become acceptably ordinary rather than extraordinarily unacceptable.

Scared of America – Single – Jesse Ruben is available on iTunes.*

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