M4REKG – That Feeling – Video

M4REKG is a Czech Republic scourge-rock solo project.



Finalising details for the début LP Singleton – That Feeling – the first track to surface from the album cleans out the speakers far better than a dusting will ever do as the vibrating bass-lines shake the foundations to the accompaniment of synthesised harmonica – yet rather than feeling estranged the listener finds themselves drawn in towards the rattling speakers as vocal breaks to distorted low note syncopation and gradually everything clears to a clarity of landscape and one finds themselves peering towards horizons afar with a partly-shaded sunlight warming the pores.

It is the ability of M4REKG to bring together disjointed ideas which flow naturally in to the ears that marks Marek out for future reference and I look forward to capturing the album and his future career.

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Emerging from Oxford in England Will Harrison (Vocals / Guitar), Ollie Ratcliffe (Bass), Conor Kearney (Guitar) and Dan Hearn (Drums) form the alt-rock outfit Haze.

Haze alt-rock from England


This is only the third time in reviews since the last decade that a band with exactly the same name as another has been featured and those who have been around a while will recall the feature of Haze from London in England, this is not the same outfit. It does transpire Haze (this one) are contemplating a name change – but for now – this is they with their current name and if things change, I will keep you abreast.

Haze appear to have gone extremely underground between the release of their first single back in 2014 and a couple of releases this year – the good news is they are now back and one can only hope this is a state of recurrence not of lapsing apnoea.

With a single Rewind – an EP – Complacent Inebriation and more recently an LP  – Digital Fulfilment behind them – the quartet are unafraid to grab the listener by the wrist and hurl them in disparate directions akin to a ball on a bagatelle table.

There is an underlying early ’80s new-wave tinctured reference along with a reinterpretation of The Stranglers – threading with the rolling bass / percussion combinations and dismissive vocal. The two guitars and occasional appearance of synthetics allows Haze to update the themes, even throwing the occasional humorous number.

This is an outfit – whatever they may or may not call themselves next – I recommend getting to know now and allow them throw you around the room.

From their début EP – the third of the four tracks –  Exactly As It Seems.

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Rival Island – Don’t Mind Molly – Video

Rival Island is an alt-indie duo from the USA.

Rival Island

Rival Island

With material ranging from frayed rock to indie dance Rival Island in which ever guise they choose to deliver their music it has a transnational  and cross-genre appeal with compositions that hold attention.

With only one album behind them Look To The Sun (which is available on bandcamp) they appropriately elected to showcase their spread of music in the approximately 25 minute six track LP (also available as a ten track just under forty minute version).

From either version the fifth track – Don’t Mind Molly – finds them creating a number that contains many of their influences as it evolves through bluesy-rock, indie-dance and shoegaze.

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7faz – Faza E Cz.3 Sound Around – Audio

Continuing the theme of releases by letter – the Polish drone outfit 7faz released the EP Faza E on the 23rd.

7faz - Faza E Cz.3 Sound Around

7faz – Faza E Cz.3 Sound Around

In one of their – nearest to common song construct – the last of the three tracks (available on bandcampFaza E Cz.3 Sound Around.

If drone isn’t your packet of biscuits, you may find this relatively short piece running at only nine and a quarter minutes a digestible amuse bouche – though expect to discover neither verse, nor chorus – ‘nearest to common song construct’ is a comparative not an absolute term.

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Brandish – Running – Audio

Brandish is a Tasmanian indie-light quartet.

Brandish - Photo credit - Thomas Whitmore

Brandish – Photo credit – Thomas Whitmore

Delivering music of easy texture, Brandish is a band to play when the mood needs lightening.

Running – their latest track also features guest vocals by Hamish Geale’s (Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Keys) sister- and is the first track to appear from their début eponymous EP being released on the 14th of October.

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