The Lucid Dream – I’m A Star In My Own Right – Audio

The English psychedelic quartet The Lucid Dream will be releasing the LP Compulsion Songs on the 23rd of September.

The Lucid Dream - Photo by Danny Payne Photography

The Lucid Dream – Photo by Danny Payne Photography

First introduced back in 2012 The Lucid Dream have remained as the same unit which has enabled them to spend the past four years refining their output allowing them to create ever more luxurious compositions.

Whilst never a band to put out three minute tracks – I’m A Star In My Own Right, from their forthcoming album runs for over eight minutes making it the longest of their songs to feature. Inside of those eight minutes the listener finds their mind melting into the music as the sounds flow around the room. Expeditious use of bass and percussion allow The Lucid Dream to sheer guitar into flights of discovery without ever drifting into obscurity, with the track taking on a dub reggae beat through sections and a reminders of a souq surfaces at one point, while the hazy vocal layers itself through the song.

On the basis of I’m A Star In My Own Right, Compulsion Songs will be an LP to grab hold of as soon as possible on release and listened to in a quiet corner allowing the imagination to float into a state of harmony with the music.

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Soul Low – The Adulterer – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Soul Low will be releasing the LP Nosebleeds on the 5th.

Soul Low - Nosebleeds - CD

Soul Low – Nosebleeds – CD

Within the past six hours tracks have been made available in advance of the release (which is available on bandcamp). To introduce both Soul Low and the album – the penultimate of the nine tracks – The Adulterer.

A track that runs for almost eight minutes allows Soul Low to provide the audience with a sense of their wide ranging abilities as the composition evolves through slower paced moments of despondency to flashing rages of temper, in a song that depicts of its title.

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Kobadelta – Bathsheba – Audio

The English dark-psychedelia quintet Kobadelta will be releasing an as yet unnamed EP on the 8th of October.

Kobadelta - Bathsheba


From the forthcoming five track release, the third – Bathsheba reminds of that hour of coming down from an adrenaline trip when the lows catch up with the highs and the listener finds themselves wrestling with their own demons. Lasting only a tad under three minutes and fifty seconds, this is a song that the mind wants to wrangle with for far longer.

Strident bass thumps off the walls as the synths echo, whilst guitar spirals a kaleidoscope of colours and the vocal lays like a ill-tempered venomous snake laying in wait to strike passing prey. This is a track to tip the paranoid into a breakdown of self-inflicted brain melt as the lyrics inveigle their way into the brain.

Why it has taken me almost two years to come back to Kobadelta is a mystery, but I hope it is long before August 2018 I return again.

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El Topo

Surfacing from Bath in England – Patrick Fenton (Vocals / Guitar), Luke Russe (Drums), Jimmy Goodyer (Guitar) and Michael Owen (Bass) form the agit-rock band El Topo.

El Topo - agit-rock from England

El Topo

Flooding from the speakers like a breached damn El Topo deliver a frenetic pace of two guitars which grapple with each other. Much like watching greyhounds racing around the track each element of the band takes position to deliver greatest impetus off the bend, giving the compositions an engaging organic flow as one moment the guitars lead the way, next the bass, then the drum and surprisingly even the vocal is that which others are chasing to catch up.

Given the hive of activity it would be easy to assume El Topo must all collapse into a collision, but far from it as from within the threshing machine emerges compositions of instrumental context and lyrical acidity.

These are evidently a quartet with considerable song-writing and delivery capability who are able to express their intense frustrations with a societal construct that bears no relation to the needs of 99% who seem to happily remain subservient to the 1% whilst retaining a message that is readily understood by the audience without strain and a delivery that has you heading for the mosh pit with joyful abandon.

Formed last year El Topo is a studio band with eight tracks behind them, to get to know, I only hope they manage to find time to reach out to a live audience too.

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Mad Winter – Get Away – Video

The English indie-dance quartet Mad Winter release their début three track single Emergence on the 19th.

Mad Winter - Emergence - artwork

Mad Winter – Emergence – artwork

It is often possible to readily identify when I am typing a review on a Sunday as there often appears a band who are more towards the mainstream than is typical and Mad Winter are a case in point as they reveal the opening track on the release – Get Away.

Whilst music to breathe with, while wearing canvas soled shoes, Mad Winter are able to underscore the dance-floor number with a superlative wringing of the guitar. Although sounding nothing like – with musicians such as Mad Winter – who have much to add to the world of music as they camouflage it in lightness – I am always minded of Dexys Midnight Runners – a band theoretically I shouldn’t like, but of whom I never tire.

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