Band Of The Month – August 2016 – Editors’ Choice

Another month draws to a close and time for the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month for August.

Deaf Chonky - Band Of The Month - August 2016

Deaf Chonky

From Israel – Deaf Chonky.

FARSH is available on bandcamp.

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CrashDollz – Hellcat – Video

It has been over a year since the US metal quartet CrashDollz last featured.

CrashDollz - Hellcat


As a quick catch-up to their energetic flurry – a live performance of Hellcat, the opening track of the eleven on the LP Punks In Amerika – from last week.

Punks in Amerika – CrashDollz is available on iTunes.*

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92 Nation – Апрель (April) – Video

92 Nation is a Russian agit-rock band.

92 Nation

92 Nation

A live performance from the Чест Фест (Chest Fest) in Tomsk a couple of days ago saw them performing Апрель (April) the middle of the five tracks on the EP Неоcознанный Ломающий Ответ (Subconsciously Finding Answers) available on bandcamp with guest vocals by Антон Щик (Anton Schik) from Juiced Alien Records – a label those of longer stay will recognise from many of the bands introduced who are based in Siberia.

92 Nation – in which ever guise deliver music that rails against a system failing the majority, merely serving the few.

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Mondo Fumatore – Where Are We Going – Audio

The German dark-rock trio Mondo Fumatore are set to release an LP – still under the working title Unbekanntes (Unknown) as I type – on the 25th of November.

Mondo Fumatore

Mondo Fumatore

Still finalising track order – but – from the eight track album which will undoubtedly have a release name at the time  – Where Are We Going shakes the foundations with the pulsing bass and swinging drum accompanied by guitar seemingly scratching at lesions whilst lugubrious dual vocals flitter like moths chasing light.

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