Finlandia/Singapur – Aprender A Nadar – Video

Finlandia/Singapur is an emo-maths-rock trio from Ecuador.

Finlandia Singapur


With many tracks extending well over five minutes Finlandia/Singapur deliver music which has both a feeling of the extemporary to it as well as an underlying sense of anxiety which is expressed through both the collisions of instrumentation as well as the screaming vocal and this just under ten minute and a half minutes live version of Aprender A Nadar is a good starting point from which to explore their output.

Finlandia/Singapur are establishing both a local audience as well as more internationally having just returned from a tour in Peru. I look forward to hearing more of the trio.

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The Cradles – You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me – Video

The Welsh rock quintet The Cradles release the single You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me today.

The Cradles - You Can't Stop Thinking About Me

The Cradles

Their slightly retro ’60s sound which they meld with 21st century garage gives The Cradles a warmth and honesty of delivery that always makes them a pleasure to hear.

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Pink Tiger – Do The Right Thing – Audio

Pink Tiger is a solo synth-dance creator based in England who surfaced this month.

Pink Tiger

Pink Tiger

Pink Tiger is in the process of officially releasing his début four track EP Genesis anytime soon. I have just been contemplating music created through a Stylophone and lamenting that so many producers think they need to create confusion to define distinctiveness in the world of EDM and this couldn’t have hit the inbox at a more opportune moment.

As Do The Right Thing hoves in to earshot so the landscape clears in a clarity of composition in which the listener finds themselves immediately extending invitations to the dance-floor, resulting in a confusion of intertwined happy limbs.


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Echo Lima – Gone Too Far – Audio

The synth-rock project Echo Lima from Australia is planning to release the début EP later this year.

Echo Lima - photo by shutter2thinkphotography

Echo Lima – photo by shutter2thinkphotography

Whilst essentially centred as a solo project the three tracks that thus far have surfaced all feature the same Bass player and Guitarist, so it will be interesting to discover whether this becomes a trio or to continue with other guest musicians.

The latest single, the third since formation last year – Gone Too Far – has stronger emphasis on synth than material previously delivered, which have been more rock derived, while this discovers something akin to Ultravox on speed and a delight it is too.

I look forward to following the journey of Echo Lima in due course.

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